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Carved from the same wood
Unspoken compliments shared
Hugging their stories

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I’m a bit behind on accepting this award from the lovely Ann St. Vincent. She was gracious enough to list me among ten other inspiring men of the blogosphere and I couldn’t be more delighted. She is an inspiration herself and her writing is always entertaining and often thought provoking. It has been a couple years since I’ve received this award, last time from the uber-sexy G at filledandfooled.

I’d like to pass on the award to a few of the blogs that I find inspiring and I’m sure you will too. In no particular order:

1. The Woman Invisible
2. Jaded Mess
3. Thirteen Years In
4. Secret Thoughts of a Very Private Gentleman
5. Curing Yellow Fever
6. Seattle Poly Chick
7. You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain
8. Cara Thereon
9. A Dissolute Life Means…
10. Creative Noodling

If these wonderful bloggers choose to accept, please nominate up to 15 more inspiring bloggers. Also, please answer the questions below that were passed on by Ann.

1. Who is your favorite public figure?
I can’t help to steal Ann’s answer of the Dalai Lama

2. What do you like most?
Peace and quiet. It’s difficult to find at time, and the most noise seems to come from my own mind. I’m not practicing yoga which is a good way to find such a thing.

3. Do you follow trends?
Typically I go out of my way to avoid trends. If it is popular, it isn’t for me. On the other hand there are things I prefer or enjoy that happen to be trendy and I’m not going to change my ways that easily. I really just want to be an individual.

4. What do you do when someone gets angry?
I loathe confrontation so I usually shy away from angry people and in turn try to keep my own anger in check.

5. What have you loved the most?
Art in its many forms.

6. Do you have causes?
Sex positivity.

7. What quality do you admire the most?
Creativity. Everyone has some level of creativity, learn to develop it.

Thank you again Ann, and please take time to check out the blogs I mentioned.



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The heat and aroma of the bath
Transports him
Back to a time when
The body he stroked was not his own
And the moans were breathed
Into his ear


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Be My Valentine

Words said in his ear
Dripping with lust and wanton
Made him swell with pride

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Hide and Seek

He always knew
That if he waited long enough
Hidden in the shadows
He would be forgotten

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A Spark

A spark was cast.
Not unlike
That from flint
Or grinding metal
Or loose wire
Roiling on the ground.
Giving birth to flame,
Though deliberate,
Drawing him in
To keep warm.

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Resting Place

Weathered tree high aloft
Lonely, barren mountain top
Not fit for bird or even shade
It marks where my body’s laid

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