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The Black Number

The black went on forever
Time and space forgotten
An eternity that began
Where my hands and fingers
Touched the fabric
Hugging her curves

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Snakes and Puzzles

Like teenagers drunk on lust
My hands snaked up her blouse
And into the cups of her bra
Seeking out her warm flesh
While she tried her very best
To decode the puzzle
Of my belt and button

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Mountain Climbing

Life is clearly seen
Peering into the chasm
Groping for handhold


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A map to the stars
Painted by the gods
Lay between two orbs
Tracing their path
Leads you to heaven
“Second star on the right
And straight on till morning.”

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Tracing Lines

I’d like to trace, with my face
Or perhaps just with my fingers
These lines of lace; a snail’s pace
A wonderland in which to linger


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Daddies Know Best

Daddies know best
The jewels of orchard
The cream of the crop
And they always pick
The best melons

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Empty Nest

A lot of big changes had come our way since the boys moved out this past summer. They were now both in college and decided to get an apartment together, closer to school and downtown, leaving their mother and I with an empty nest. It was only now starting to sink in with the cold weather – days where they would have been at home instead of outside enjoying the day.

For a few months now I had be doing more photo shoots “on location” instead of in the studio. I had always stuck around town before just in case the boys or Lee, my wife, needed me. I was always only minutes away. Now though, I found myself traveling all over the country and even had scheduled some shoots abroad. It was nice to finally stretch my wings but it was more of a way to fill the void the boys left in my day.

Lee had found herself in the same position of needing to do something with her free time, and had decided to apply and eventually accept a position at work that would allow; or more appropriately, require her to travel. The training process took several months and she was now on her maiden voyage, half way across the country introducing a hospital to their new patient health management software. The process was going to take several weeks and I was left alone with an even emptier nest.

I awoke the morning after she left to sounds from the kitchen of breakfast being prepared. I got out of bed and peered out the window down to an empty driveway. No cars, so it wasn’t the boys. I stepped into my slippers and headed down the stairs not bothering to put anything on. As I arrived at the kitchen I asked “What are you doing here, Honey?”

“Making you breakfast, Dear.” It was not my wife but her best friend Pam that answered. My surprise kept my feet planted as she turned around to see me standing by the table completely naked, except for the slippers. “Shit, sorry Pam!” Like a magician I ripped the table cloth from the table upsetting not a thing upon it, then wrapped it around my waist. “Well, that was impressive.” She said with a smile. “Yeah, I didn’t know I could do that,” I said proudly. “Oh, the table cloth thing was pretty exciting too,” she said with a wink. “Cute,” I said smugly.

“Lee isn’t here, I thought she would have told you.” I said to Pam as I sat down at the table. “I know. She did. Lee said I could stay here while she was gone. With the boys away, you’ve got the room.” She brought me the omelette she had prepared for me; spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella. “This looks amazing,” I said as I took a bite, “My favorite.” “I know, Lee told me,” she said. We finished our breakfast between bits of light conversation and I returned upstairs to get ready for the day.

When I got to my room I sent a text to Lee. “Pam is here. Apparently you told her she could stay? Thought it was you and came downstairs naked. Oops!” I set the phone down on the nightstand and headed to the master bath to shave and shower. Once done, I toweled off and returned to my side of the bed to dress. The phone buzzed with a text from Lee. “Ha! Did you tell her that was standard dress code now? Yes I told her she could stay.”

Lee knew I wouldn’t mind having a guest, especially Pam, but I was a bit irritated that she didn’t tell me first. I texted back “Why didn’t you tell me? Not sure she’d adopt our empty nest rules, but I will pass it on. :p ” We weren’t nudists or anything like that, merely returning to a time long ago when we could openly enjoy each other’s bodies. We had agreed when the boys were still young that once they moved out, clothing was optional. We even warned the boys to call ahead, lest they see either of their parents in the buff.

My phone buzzed again as I was slipping on my shoes. “You deserve to sleep in for once and I knew you’d spend too much time cleaning, planning and hosting. Don’t worry about Pam she can take care of herself. Off to a day full of meetings! xoxo” I guess that was it for now. I looked at the clock and realized I was running late. I didn’t have any specific hours I needed to keep, but if you want jobs you need to be available.

In my rush to get out of the house I had forgotten all about Pam and was pulling on my coat as I opened the door to the garage. “Hey, don’t forget your coffee!” she called from the kitchen. Pam came briskly down the hall, her ample breasts jiggling, with a travel mug in one hand and small brown paper bag in the other. “I grabbed you a snack for later too.” “Wow, thanks! Such service.” I paused awkwardly as I tried to decide how to say goodbye. I gave her a quick hug and closed the door behind myself.

In the late afternoon I was in the office color-correcting photos when my phone buzzed with a text. “Pam here. Will you be home for dinner?” Usually dinner was up to me as between Lee and I, my schedule was far more flexible. I wasn’t used to being waited on. “Sure. What time should I be there?” I sent back. “Appetizers at 5:30. Dinner at 6. Dessert to follow.” I smiled at her reply. I didn’t know what she had planned, but based on breakfast I knew it would be delicious and something I’d enjoy. “I don’t think I am appropriately dressed for the evening but I will be on time.” I teased her about the planning and formal feel she had given to the night. “You confirmed this morning what yours and Lee’s dress code was. See you later.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised that Lee told Pam about us wandering the house naked. Only makes sense on the off chance that Pam would stop by like she often did. Still, I wasn’t sure if I would come home to find a naked Pam. The thought was very entertaining, but I didn’t want to jeopardize her and Lee’s friendship or more importantly my marriage. I left it alone and instead sent a text to Lee. “Sounds like Pam can live by our rules. Ha! Plans for dinner?” Lee didn’t text back until I was getting into the car. “Going out with management team. Meal is on them. She has a great body and is no stranger to nudity. Have fun!”

Lee and I are both very open minded but her being so accepting of me being alone at home with another woman and possibly naked was a bit unsettling. I didn’t want to read in to it so I simply texted back a “good night, good luck” and asked her to call when she was back in her hotel room. I left the parking lot chewing on the thought of what might happen this evening and why Lee was so suspiciously accepting.

I was relieved though slightly disappointed when I walked through the door to find that Pam was fully clothed. She handed me a glass of wine and took my coat. “How was your day?” she asked. “Pretty good, thanks. Nothing exciting, just staring at photos all day. Yours?” I sat on a bar stool at the kitchen island to keep her company as she finished preparing dinner. “It was pretty good. Did some shopping. Caught up on some reading. Took a nice hot bath. Lee said I could use the soaking tub in your room, hope that was okay.” “Of course. Whatever you need. I almost thought I’d come home to find you naked in the kitchen!” I laughed. “Maybe if I had an apron.” Pam teased back.

Over dinner we talked about Pam separating from her husband. They left on good terms and still saw each other often. They just weren’t the people they were when they got married. Pam had been living with her mom, giving them both a lot of happiness now with her father passing away a few months back. As much as she enjoyed her mom’s company it was nice for her to have a change of scenery.

“How long do you think you’ll stay?” I asked. “Oh, I don’t know. At least until Lee comes back I think. Don’t want to miss out on my time with her! Is that okay? Think you can put up with me for another two weeks?” “If you’re going to keep cooking for me you can stay as long as you’d like,” I joked. “Seriously though, stay as long as you need to. It might be you that gets tired of me before Lee comes back.” “I doubt that!” she said with a wink.

Time flew by while Lee was gone. Not many exciting things happened as one might have expected them too if they watched or read too many dramas. She left a pair of black lace panties in my bathroom once that I returned by hanging them off of her doorknob. Another time I came home to her changing in her room with the door open. I only saw her from the back and she was bra less wearing a pair of white panties, so there was nothing really to report. The only time I really saw Pam was when we had meals together. Admittedly I found excuses to be out of the house. I was really enjoying her company and was cautious to let myself get too attached. I was married after all.

Pam and I had retrieved Lee’s car from the airport so that she would have something to drive, so when Lee returned to town we both picked her up. We waited at the luggage carousel as she found her way through the crowds to us. Lee rushed up to me with a big hug and nice reunion-type of kiss that you see in the movies. Pam and Lee hugged and then unexpectedly kissed as well. I pretended like I didn’t notice as I grabbed my wife’s bags from among the winding river of black fabric and hard cases.

We went to dinner on the way home from the airport and didn’t get back to the house until late. Everyone headed off to bed planning to catch up more in the morning. Once in bed I turned to Lee, “What’s up with you kissing Pam? Last time I remember you kissing a girl was in college.” “Oh. Yeah. About that…” Lee put down her book. “I think we love each other. Like, romantically.” “It would seem as such from a kiss like that. Also it seemed like that wasn’t the first time.” Being a photographer I pick up on a lot of subtle things. Things that often go unnoticed by others.

“No, it’s not the first time we kissed, but that’s all we’ve ever done.” “Would you do more?” I asked. “I don’t know, I guess so. I’ve known her for so long and have always thought she was attractive. I’ve wondered what it would be like to be with a woman but never really got the chance.” Lee looked disappointed, like it was more than just an idle curiosity. “Do you think that you just want to try it once or is it more a part of who you are?” Lee and I had always discussed the attractiveness of a person when we saw them, regardless of if they were boy or girl. On occasion she was more interested in a particular woman than I was.

“Maybe more a part of who I am. I never thought that I would feel this way about a woman, but since Pam and her husband split we’ve done a lot of sharing. We’ve gotten really close to each other; more so than ever before,  and now it feels like we should take it to the next level.” “What’s that mean for me?” I was starting to worry about my own security. “Nothing! God, Honey I love you more than anything. Nobody could take care of me as well as you do. Nobody could love me more. You give yourself so freely to me without ever questioning it. I’m constantly amazed by you.” she tried to help me feel better about the situation but it was sounding more like one of those “I love you, but…” instances.

“But?” I asked, trying to strike first as if that would lighten the blow. “But nothing. We agreed to ’till death do us part’ and I meant every word of it. If being with Pam isn’t going to work for us; work for you and me, then that will be that.” What she was saying sounded good, but I still wasn’t sure I was out of the woods. “You don’t think you’ll discover that you like women more than me?” “Nothing can substitute for having a real dick inside you,” she laughed, “and I just said how amazing you are.” “Okay, okay. So I got the goods.” I smiled.

“Where do we go from here?” I asked, “If you are serious about giving this a try, how do you take it to the next level? Do you take her out on a date?” “No, we’ve sort of already done that.” she said bashfully. So you aren’t going to wine and dine her?” I said laughing. “I meant tonight.” Lee corrected. “We sort of went on a date tonight.” I was shocked that she wanted to act so soon.

“On your first night back? No offense Babe, but I’d like to spend time with you tonight.” I was hurt that she didn’t pick me first. ” I want to spend tonight with you too,” she paused. “And Pam.” “Like, at the same time?” I didn’t want to jump to conclusions but my mind was racing now more than ever before. “Yes, both of you at the same time.” “You think Pam would go for that?” I asked. “Why do you think she stayed here without me? She wanted to get to know you better. She’s always been interested in and attracted to you as well.”

“Really?” I hadn’t ever seen it before, but then again I was always a bit naive when it came to women. “You and I have talked about how hot she is before,” Lee said. “So I was assuming it wouldn’t be a problem for you either.” “No, it’s certainly not a problem for me.” I admitted. “I guess I worry about the logistics. About being awkward. I’ve never had a threesome before.” “Me neither. Nor has Pam,” Lee said. “We will all be awkward together!” She laughed. I was starting to get jittery with anticipation and more and more turned on as my subconscious mind prepared itself for what was about to happen. “What do we do then?” “I will text her to come up.” Lee said.

A few minutes later a light knock came at the door. “Come in.” Lee called out. The door opened to reveal Pam in a terrycloth bathrobe that she clenched together with her fists. She was visibly as nervous as the two of us. She stood there for a few minutes until Lee motioned her to come over to the bed.

Pam stood on Lee’s side of the bed, waiting to be told what to do next. Lee got up on her knees and took hold of Pam’s clenched hands, indicating that she should relax. Her hands fell to her side as Lee’s hands moved to either side of Pam’s face. Their lips met in a deep and passionate kiss as Pam’s hands moved to Lee’s hips. I simply watched and waited on my side of the bed. I didn’t want to steal the moment from the two of them but eagerly wanted to also kiss Pam.

They still kissed, tongues writhing against each other as Lee moved backwards towards my side of the bed, pulling Pam along with her. Now both on their knees and only inches from me, they started to breath heavily. Lee pulled off own cami over her head letting her breasts bounce free, then slid the bathrobe from Pam’s shoulders. Pam of course was topless, her breasts equally as large as my wife’s double-d’s. Their tits were squeezed together as they embraced, their skin becoming a endless sea of womanhood.

Without thinking, my hand disappeared between the sheets to stroke my own cock. Though both of their eyes were closed, they must have noticed my movements. They stopped kissing and both turned to me. Like sex filled salt and pepper shakers they descended, Pam in her black lace panties, Lee in an equally feminine silky red pair. They threw back the sheets that hid my actions. Pam bent, placing a hand on my chest, taking a hold of my chest hair as she kissed and teased me with her tongue. Lee grabbed my boxers and slide them off, revealing my hard cock.

Lee took me into her hot mouth, just the head at first, as she flicked and wrapped her tongue around the tip. As Pam and I continued to kiss I reached out and took a handful of her breasts and squeezed. She released a small moan into my lips. She broke away to offer her breast to me, which I took eagerly, sucking and licking her erect nipple. Lee stopped sucking my cock to resume kissing Pam and share the taste of my precum on her lips and tongue. The tangled mess that we were, tipped over on the bed causing us all to laugh but immediately find new positions for us to enjoy each other.

Pam lay on her back now as Lee hung over her on all fours, sucking and licking her breasts. I worked Lee’s panties off her hips and she maneuvered so that I could slid them off completely. I worked the thumb of one hand on her clit as I licked her pussy. Having oral performed on her gave her the thought that she should also enjoy her friend’s pussy. Lee kissed her way down Pam’s stomach and then also slid her panties off. She kissed lightly around the edge of her labia, nervous to take the plunge, running fingers along Pam’s thighs.

Finally Pam could no longer take the teasing as she grabbed Lee’s head and thrust her pussy onto her mouth. Pam came instantly as Lee’s tongue found its way between her folds. She continued to grind her hips into Lee’s mouth as she panted and moaned loudly. The excitement also set Lee off as I continued to rub at her clit. She backed herself into my hand repeatedly, desperately wanting something to fill her; fingers, tongue or otherwise.

Lee stopped eating Pam out and made me lay on the bed on my back. She straddled me and slid my hard cock into her hungry, dripping pussy. Pam decided that she still wanted a hot tongue on her little button, so she  then straddled my face and lowered herself onto my mouth. The two women again kissed and squeezed each other’s breasts as they bounced and gyrated atop of me. Lee leaned back on the bed and let me pop out of her, then held my dick so that her friend could taste her juices. Pam and I enjoyed each other in a 69 position as Pam also slid her fingers in and out of Lee.

Pam and Lee then took turns taking me into their mouths, each of them with a hand around the base sliding up and down. When I got close to climaxing the two women worked together, their hands chasing each other up and down my shaft. They both watched and softly cooed as I ejaculated on my chest and stomach. Lee brushed her thumb repeatedly across the tip of my cock as my body was wracked with spasms.

Lee cleaned herself off with a towel from the night stand then tended to both Pam and I. We cuddled on the bed with me in the middle as we drifted off into a blissful slumber. Many more nights of adventure lay ahead of us as we embarked on a journey of mutual love and exploration.

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