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Spice Trade

A ship in the night
Carrying cases of spice
Came into port
When fair winds blew
Filling its white sails

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More than the Wind

I fill your sails
That take you away
I grind the corn
That feeds you all day
I make the trees sigh
Push away clouds that pour
I bring the waves
To crash on your shore
I scatter the seeds
For flowers to grow
I play with your hair
You really should know…

I am more than the wind


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Parting Clouds

Heaven can be found
Parting clouds with gentle kiss
Whispers bring the rain

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Sexual Bucket List

Okay, so I totally skipped updating you in September, but there was nothing to report (until the end), so I’m giving you a Mid-October update. As always, if you think I should add something to the list, please let me know. I’m always curious and often willing to try new things. Crossed off items for this update are bold and italicized.

1. Masturbate in a public place (bathrooms don’t count)
1a. Masturbate in a park
1b. Masturbate in a restaurant/bar
1c. Masturbate in a movie theater
1d. Masturbate in a public pool/hot tub (not to include finishing)
1e. Masturbate on a beach
1f. Masturbate on a staircase/stairwell
1g. Masturbate in an elevator
2. Sex in a public place
2a. Sex in a park (Bathrooms don’t count)
2b. Sex in a restaurant/bar (Bathrooms do count)
2c. Sex in a movie theater (Bathrooms don’t count)
2d. Sex in a public pool/hot tub (Bathrooms don’t count unless it is in the shower, does not include finishing)
2e. Sex on a beach
2f. Sex on a staircase/stairwell
2g. Sex in an elevator
3. Masturbate at work (bathrooms don’t count)
4. Sex at work (bathrooms do count)
5. Masturbate in a moving vehicle
5a. While driving
5b. As a passenger
5c. While more than one passenger is present
6. Sex in a vehicle
6a. Parked vehicle
6b. Vehicle in motion (NOT while driving… that’s just not safe!)
7. Perform or receive a sex act on an airplane
8. Masturbate on public transit
9. Sex on public transit
9a. Oral Sex
9b. Penetration
10. Sex on a roof top
11. Sex on a balcony or raised deck
12. Sex in front of a window (visibly during the day)
13. Disturbingly loud sex in a hotel/motel (Not sex that sounds like a slaughter but REALLY LOUD sex)
14. Sex on a staircase (in a non-public place)
15. Fondle and/or be fondled in an elevator with other riders present
16. Fondle and/or be fondled in a glass elevator
17. Masturbate in front of a campfire
18. Sex in front of a campfire
19. Masturbate in the snow
20. Sex in the snow
21. Masturbate in a river
22. Sex in a river
23. Masturbate in the ocean
24. Sex in the ocean
25. Wear a cock ring for an 8-hour period outside the home
26. Wear a butt plug for an 8-hour period outside the home
27. Receive a sex act while being tied down
28. Perform a sex act on someone that is tied down
29. Receive a sex act while blindfolded
30. Perform a sex act on someone that is blindfolded
31. Oral Ice play
32. Oral Heat play
33. Be the cock behind the wall of a “glory hole”
34. Watch a woman masturbate and orgasm in person (Updated)
35. Watch a man masturbate and orgasm in person
36. Watch a pair of women make love in person
37. Watch a pair of men make love in person
38. Have a MFF threesome
39. Have a MMF threesome
40. Watch another couple have sex in person
41. Swap partners with another couple
42. Have a foursome with another couple
43. Have sex with a blonde bombshell (bombshell used loosely for effect)
44. Have sex with a raven-haired beauty
45. Have sex with a brunette
46. Have sex with a ginger
47. Have sex with a bald/buzzed chick (that’s a type, right?)
48. Have sex with a woman with hairy armpits (not stubble, purposely hairy)
49. Have sex with a Caucasian woman
50. Have sex with a Caucasian foreign woman
51. Have sex with a woman of African descent (not limited to African-American) (Updated)
52. Have sex with a Latino woman
53. Have sex with a East-Indian woman (or roughly thereabouts)
54. Have sex with a Native American woman
55. Have sex with an Asian woman
56. Be the boy-toy of a CFNM combination of at least 2 women (Clothed Female, Nude Male)
57. Participate in an orgy
58. Live like a sultan with a harem of women for an evening
59. Masturbated or receive oral while having a dildo used on me (Updated)
60. Be “pegged” by a woman (while this is checked off, I’d like to revisit it)
60a. Pegged and masturbated to orgasm
60b. Pegged and oral (presumably from a second woman, I’m not quite that long)
60c. Pegged and sex with a second woman
61. Use a double-ended dildo with a woman
62. Sex with another man
62a. Give oral to another man
62b. Receive oral from another man
62c. Penetrate another man
62d. Be penetrated by another man
63. Sex in the shower
64. Sex with a tall woman, approx. 6ft tall (platforms and heels don’t count, legitimately tall)
65. Sex with a petite woman (aka a “spinner”)
66. Sex with a “barely legal” woman
67. Sex with a woman approx. 20 years my senior
68. Administer a proper spanking
69. Receive a proper spanking
70. Anal sex with a woman
71. Cum on a woman’s ass
72. Cum on a woman’s tits
73. Cum in a woman’s mouth, with her swallowing
74. Taste/eat my own “cream pie”
75. Taste/eat another man’s “cream pie”
76. Bring a woman to a squirting orgasm (Updated, we had to change the sheets)
77. Have a woman squirt on me
78. Golden showers? (I haven’t ever decided how I feel about this, so better put it on the list)
79. Sex with an alien from outer space (I’ve seen too many science-fiction movies with sexy aliens on them)


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Loving the Sea

She lay upon the shore
Aloft rocks smoothed by time
The wind took her hair
The salt kissed her mouth
Patiently she waited
As the waves surged
And the tide came in


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As the river winds through the valleys
I step to the water’s edge
Dipping my fingers into her flow
Feeling her wrap around their tips
Hugging and caressing them
Giving them life that then flows through me
And then she’s just a ripple
As my fingers reach my lips to taste


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The earth moved
When our bodies met
The first time
And then it cracked
With volcanic force
From moans


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