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The heat and aroma of the bath
Transports him
Back to a time when
The body he stroked was not his own
And the moans were breathed
Into his ear


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Lover and Friend

I wrote this as part of a summary on a profile for myself somewhere on the internets. It’s not really getting any response so I’m thinking of deleting it but thought perhaps I should share it here. Please enjoy.

Where is the line
Between lover and friend
That keeps our hearts at bay
A space between
That pains us so
Whenever they’re away
When times are dark
Or full of lust
It’s best we’re not alone
To share our tears
The cries of joy
And echo back our moan
Why should we ask
For just one soul
To help us when we fall
When more are there
To take the risk
Whenever we should call


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In my daydreams
I imagine how
Your body takes me in
Wrapped around
And your lips
Echoing pleasure

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To touch you again
Like I once did
To see you smile
Hear you laugh
To make you moan

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The earth moved
When our bodies met
The first time
And then it cracked
With volcanic force
From moans


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