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Garden Lost

A garden was once, and blooms yet
Behind a wall of brambles brown
Though only now, through smallest holes
Can the garden still be found
The purest heart, give ol’n to youth
Will make it through the mound
While others search for no keys lost
To garden sown on precious ground

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The Road to El Dorado

Stumbling in the wilderness
The trees weaving a labyrinth
Each stone, each fallen log
Same as the last
Where is the road to civilization?
And is it paved or covered in mud?

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Out like a candle
Was it snubbed?
Or left burning?
All that remains
Is wax


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Fog descends on me
Your body pressed against mine
Lost in your presence

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At Sea

Tell me, love
Upon the wind
When I am lost at sea
Which direction
I should sail
To feel less crazy
Touch me, dear
As I sleep
Help my heart to heal
Whisper to me
In my dreams
And tell me you are real
Take me, babe
Into your arms
When I am on your shore
Give everything
That I have missed
All of that and more


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Negligent sunshine
Solemnly the rain beckoned
Rainbows never flew

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The Bee that Loved

Busy drone was dizzy buzzing
Looking for his queen for nuzzling
Though he tried his very best
Several spots looked like his nest
Of course they were not quite the same
But still he had himself to blame
His heart was set on serving others
Unlike his toiling striped brothers
Had he blindly buzzed around
He wouldn’t be upon the ground
But alas he smelled the flowers
Was now aware of higher powers
Instead of doing what he should
He tried to do all that he could
His labor of love is finally over
Alone and lost among the clover

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