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You held the flame
Too long
You dove into waters
Too deep
You touched the surface
Too soon

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Drip Not Drop

A ripple in the pond
Running backwards
As if played in reverse
Closer and closer
Its center ever nearer
Until finally
A droplet leaps from the water
To find its genesis


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Where lies the risk
On the rope bridge of life?
Below in the chasm?
With waters deep?
Or jagged rocks?
Or hungry crocodiles?
When high above
As you make your way across
Joined by companions
One who went first,
Now with outstretched hand
The other behind you
Pushing you along


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Looks can be deceiving.
Like the body of water
Shimmering as it stands
Or roiling as it runs
Where once you thought it deep
You now find yourself
Standing in the middle
From the knees up


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As the river winds through the valleys
I step to the water’s edge
Dipping my fingers into her flow
Feeling her wrap around their tips
Hugging and caressing them
Giving them life that then flows through me
And then she’s just a ripple
As my fingers reach my lips to taste


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Frozen Mountain

The sun forgot to shine
And spring never came
The frozen mountain slumbered
Its waters did not flow
Flowers would not bloom
And the creatures
Who called the mountain home
Struggled to live their lives

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Her Touch, A Monsoon

Her skin was like water
Smooth and cool
And she moved like a cloud
Sometimes dark
Often times light and billowing

He was like the Serengeti
Hot, rough and wild
Deliberate and dedicated
Curator of the great circle
Begging for the monsoon


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