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The Grass is Always Greener

When you’re color blind
You make mistakes
As in spending too much time
Problem is
I always thought
This WAS the greener side


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Lone Wolf

Being a lone wolf is lonely.

I used to run in a pack, but that was decades ago and I’ve never really fit in since. I came close once a few years back, but they all had mates of their own and tended to run with other packs so things never really developed. I don’t try much any more, but the want is still there.

The good thing about being a lone wolf is that you’re¬†practically¬†100% self sufficient. You don’t really need anyone, you can do anything you might want to do by yourself. You mostly scavenge and slink around but you’re strong enough to take down large prey if you should so choose. You don’t need to worry about a slow pack member keeping you from making the kill. Any failure or accomplishment is that of your own..

The bad thing about being a lone wolf is that you’re lonely. This doesn’t always rear its ugly head, but when it does it trumps all of the good things there are about going it solo. Scavenging and slinking aren’t nearly as fun or rewarding. Taking down large prey is more tiring than it often merits, and a slow pack member is sometimes a good and welcome excuse to sit the next one out.

Being a lone wolf is a trap due to trust. Lack of trust it what makes you into a lone wolf to begin with. When your pack fades away you don’t think that any other wolves will do an equal job. You can’t put 100% of your life into their hands. When you’re down you’re not sure they will fit off your attackers until their last tooth. Inversely, other packs don’t trust you. They aren’t sure why you became a lone wolf to begin with. Was it attrition or mutiny? They might let you run with them, but they never fully accept you and will turn on you if it means saving the original pack.

Sometimes when you try to join another pack one of theirs will take an interest in you. Packs are extremely territorial when it comes to their own. If the pack thinks they might lose the pack to one of their own due to a lone wolf they will cut their ties. The pack member that went soft is then left in limbo, wanting to run with their pack while they turn their backs, and they try to keep up with the lone wolf but no one really ever can. Your wanting for companionship has cost the life of another, which is a terribly heavy burden to bear.

So I continue to dart in and out of shadows in the forest alone, searching for anything that will sustain me, friends, food or otherwise. Climbing atop misty hill tops and howling in to the night only to have no one howl back.

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Rain’s Desire

Everyone claims
To want the rain
Whenever its been gone
But when it comes
They spend their time
Leaving it alone

No one plays
Out with the rain
Except for little kids
They’ve ran away
Closed their doors
And locked inside they hid

The rain has want
A great desire
It longs to feel your skin
But instead
You cover up
As if it were a sin


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Absence makes
The heart grow fonder
Though I believe
When here or yonder
You don’t dream
Of me but ponder
Dishes, cleaning
Clothes to launder
So I’m gone
And left to wander

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Lonely volcano
So easily forgotten
Until it erupts

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Force of Nature

When not on your skin
It’s easily forgotten
Yet ever present

what am I?

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The sun and moon
Are not at war
They live in harmony
A fool will say
It’s night and day
And so it can not be

True at night
Save for the stars
The moon is all alone
But in the day
They both can play
And call the sky their home

The battle here
Another truth
The one great tragedy
The ocean wants
Both moon and sun
But they don’t want the sea


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