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Hair Pulling

If I were down
Between your legs
Would you hold me close?

And if I were
Atop of you, would you
Hold me as you rose?


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Dinner Plans

He holds her gaze as he leans upon the reception desk, “We’ve already done lunch, so I guess the next step is for me to ask you to dinner.”

“Oh! Um.” She stumbles over a response.

“But, I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong impression.” He says with a sly smile.

She tries to beat him to the punch “Because you don’t like me that way and you’re only being nice?”

“No, you shouldn’t get the impression that I’m only being nice.” he leans over the desk so that only she can hear his next words, “Because after dinner I plan to do all sorts of bad things to you.”


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Doing It Justice

I watched her go
Leaving me behind
The unknown admirer
And as she moved
Her hips swayed
Round bottom bounced
Reminiscent of a sunset
Beautiful beyond words
(Not even these words)
And justice is never
Served on film

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Mountain Climbing

Life is clearly seen
Peering into the chasm
Groping for handhold


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Snake Skin

Rubbing against you
Like a snake shedding his skin
‘Til my clothes fall off


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Loving the Sea

She lay upon the shore
Aloft rocks smoothed by time
The wind took her hair
The salt kissed her mouth
Patiently she waited
As the waves surged
And the tide came in


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I saw her walk
When no one was looking
Swinging her hips
Lost in her own sex appeal
Unaware of it herself
And when we met
Her body next to mine
Was a mirror of all things good

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