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I am the Mountain

If I am the mountain
Then you are the wind
Wrapping yourself around
My peaks, my summits
Caressing the jagged edges
Making them smooth
And running down the slopes
To hush the valleys below

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Posted by on February 5, 2015 in poetry


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The way the fog lays upon the land
Like a silent, soft blanket
Or a warm caress
Matching my rise and fall
Touching every valley
Kissing every peak
You send me off to sleep

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As the river winds through the valleys
I step to the water’s edge
Dipping my fingers into her flow
Feeling her wrap around their tips
Hugging and caressing them
Giving them life that then flows through me
And then she’s just a ripple
As my fingers reach my lips to taste


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Caressing their surface
And counting the dots
Playing like a child
Standing them tall and proud
These ivory dominoes
Erected like a tower
Or a pedestal
Then with a gentle push
Loudly they toppled


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New Groove

Like the glacier grinds against the mountain
Leaving its mark. Changing the surface.
Giving the land a new definition. New life.
Producing new grooves and dips.
Hugging and caressing its curves.
Ushering new waters to flow.
Our bodies slide past each other.

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