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Garden Lost

A garden was once, and blooms yet
Behind a wall of brambles brown
Though only now, through smallest holes
Can the garden still be found
The purest heart, give ol’n to youth
Will make it through the mound
While others search for no keys lost
To garden sown on precious ground

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Hang in my sky
At close of day
Connecting the stars
And lighting my way
Hang in my sky
And sing me a tune
A sweet lullaby
About you as my moon


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Deep in the Night

Who polishes the stars
Deep in the night
Up lofty ladder
To keep them bright
With love and care
They remainĀ in sight

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Break my skin
Or break my bones
Just don’t break my heart
Tis a wound
That will not heal
And I’ll quickly fall apart

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Did I build you up too high
Or dig myself too low
No longer can I reach you
That is all I know


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Hair Pulling

If I were down
Between your legs
Would you hold me close?

And if I were
Atop of you, would you
Hold me as you rose?


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Stuck on a Thought

I keep coming back to you
And the truth of the matter is
I’d rather be stuck on the thought of you
Than suffer the alternative


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