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When clouds abound
But not one drop
Hits the ground
It’s surprising to see
A rainbow

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More than the Wind

I fill your sails
That take you away
I grind the corn
That feeds you all day
I make the trees sigh
Push away clouds that pour
I bring the waves
To crash on your shore
I scatter the seeds
For flowers to grow
I play with your hair
You really should know…

I am more than the wind


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Parting Clouds

Heaven can be found
Parting clouds with gentle kiss
Whispers bring the rain

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Negligent sunshine
Solemnly the rain beckoned
Rainbows never flew

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Lusting for the rain
Ever present, shining sun
Small seed on cracked ground

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Roadside Assistance

It was early November, also known as the beginning of the rainy season in Oregon. As I arrived upon the scene I knew exactly what had happened. It was nearly dark – the worst time of day to be driving through the countryside. In the center of the lane was a matted lump of fur. A few hundred yards down the road was a car, hazard lights flashing – a red pulse in the fading light. She stood behind the car echoing the pouring rain with her tears. I slowed and pulled over in front of the car and reached for my umbrella.

It was a chilling forty-five degrees so I left the car running knowing I would need the warmth after things had been taken care of. She had noticed I had stopped and stood without moving, waiting me to make may way through the rain to her. “Are you hurt?” I asked. She just shook her head no. As I arrived at her side I asked “Need a hug?” without hesitation she flung her body into mine, regardless of being a complete stranger. She quickly melted into my warmth, the rain had soaked her to the core. She trembled with each sob and from the cold.

“You must be freezing” I stated, “why don’t you get back in your car and I will take care of things.” She nodded and made her way back to her car and climbed inside. I disappeared into the rain, a shadow moving about like the angel of death. After a few minutes I reappeared at her window. “I’m going to look at your car real quick and make sure nothing is damaged,” I said. ” thank you” she muttered through chattering teeth. I made my way back to my car, placed the umbrella on the floor of the back seat and retrieved a flash light. I examined the front of her car, looked underneath and then motioned her to pop the hood. After awhile I closed the hood and made my way back to her  door.

“Not sure what happened but your lights are out. Want to try the high beams?” She flicked the switch but nothing happened. “it could be a fuse,” I shrugged “do you have any spairs?” She shook your head. “ya, me neither.” it was then that I noticed her frosty breath even though she was inside her car. “is the heat working?” I asked. Again she shook her head. “hmmm, guess there was more damage than there looks. Why don’t you come sit in my car while we call a service truck.” She rolled up the window and started to open the door. I stopped her and said “let me get my umbrella.” She argued that she was soaked already and that while the umbrella was nice it really didn’t do any good. ” ok, you’ve got a point,” I chuckled. We made our way to my car, I opened the door and helped her in.

Once I climbed in I introduced myself “I’m Jesse.” “Rose,” she stated then immediately followed by “oh my god it feels so good in here.”  “I figured I would need the heat after giving you a hand, didn’t know I’d be sharing it.” I said smiling and gave her a wink. “Thank you. And thank you for the hug, I needed that.” she said. “oh my pleasure, I’ve been there before so I know how you feel.” “what was it?” “just a coyote” I said, “I don’t think he suffered though. I moved him to the ditch. Sorry that happened to you, damn things just dart out into the road without warning.” “I didn’t even see him.” “ya, they are a little too stealthy for their own good.” as we spoke I noticed she was still shivering regardless of the cranked-up heat. “do you have a change of clothes in your car?” I asked. “no, it was just a short day trip to my girlfriends surprise birthday party” she said, “I didn’t think I would need anything.” “you’ll never get warm in those,” I said, “I have some clean sweats I keep in the car just in case – ‘always be prepared!’ – they might be a little long on you but they are dry.” “no thank you” she politely declined. “you sure?” “well…” she trailed off with hesitation. “they’re in the back there. Do you need anything out of your car?” “maybe my purse?” she asked. “sure thing,” I said, ” I will take my time so you can change.”

I grabbed the umbrella and ventured back out into the rain. She took off all her clothes and pulled on the sweat pants then tried to zip up the sweater. Made to fit a lean man like myself, the zipper wouldn’t go past her large breasts, it just squeezed them together and stopped, only covering half of them. After I had given her what I expected was enough time I climbed back in to the car. My eyes immediately went to the gaping sweater. I quickly moved my eyes but found them looking at your discarded lingerie laid across the dash – a matching set of lace and satin in a deep blue. Again I tried to find somewhere else to look. “sorry,” she said, “I didn’t even ask. I just thought they would dry faster that way.” “oh” I said, “no, that’s a good idea, I just wasn’t expecting that. I’m sorry.” “don’t be, you’ve been very kind.” I just shrugged. “oh!” I said, returning from dreamland, “we should call a service truck. Do you have a triple-a card or anything? Anyone you can call?” “my dad.” she replied. “oh cool.”

She pulled her phone out of her purse and dialed. I tried to busy myself with my own phone and attempted to not listen to the conversation. “ok, thanks, bye.” she hung up. “going to be awhile, huh?” “ya. You don’t have to wait.” “I do if I want my clothes back,” I teased. She smiled, on the edge of a light laugh. “I’m only kidding, you can keep them, but I’m not going to leave you in the cold, the dark and the rain.” “thank you.” she said. “where do you live? Maybe I could give you a ride home?” “Milwaukie, but you don’t have to do that” “oh I don’t mind, I live in that area too, so it really isn’t a big deal. It would be my pleasure.” “well if it’s your pleasure then I shouldn’t be the one to stop you!” “damn right you shouldn’t!” we both laughed. “Let’s get going then. You should call your dad and let him know you have a ride.” “good idea” she agreed.

We drove back to town chatting idly but both too nervous to say much. There was an spark of attraction in the air that was tangible. I did my best to keep my eyes on the road and off her lingerie on the dash. I made sure that I didn’t turn to talk to her as I knew I couldn’t look at her without my eyes wandering to her breasts. “I hope you don’t mind my cleavage” she giggled. It was if she had read my mind. “I didn’t want to break the zipper on your sweater. I guess it doesn’t cover me very well.” “No, don’t worry about it. I don’t mind.” I said, trying my best to mask the smile spreading across my face.

When we had gotten closer to town she said “I guess these are probably dry” as she collected her bra and panties. “I hope so. Besides I’m pretty sure it would be obvious that I had a bra on my dash if anyone were to look in as we drove past. Don’t want anyone to think I’m a perv.” We laughed “you mean you’re not?” she teased. I faked a hurt look. “Of course not! I’m a gentleman.” “You are.” she said as she placed a hand on my leg. I just smiled and looked at her for what felt like forever. I snapped out of it and returned my eyes to the road. “I should probably put my bra back on in case my mom is home when we get there. Don’t want her jumping to conclusions.” “what kind of conclusions might she jump to?” “you think me wearing a pair of men’s sweats with my tits hanging out is normal?” “hey, I don’t know what you normally do!” “oh thanks a lot!”

Even though we had just met, it felt like we had been friends forever. “There’s a view point in a couple miles,” I said “we can pull over there so you can put your bra back on.” “I can just do it here,” she replied. I swallowed hard. “You don’t want the privacy?” “You’ve seen most of them already,” she argued “besides I wouldn’t mind giving you a peek, you did help me out after all. It’s the least I could do.” “I’d hate to ask what the most you could do would be.” I teased. “oh, really?” she asked “you think you deserve more?” “no, no. Of course not, I don’t need anything…”

I wast cutoff mid sentence as she unzipped the sweater and peeled it off. “well, it’s your choice.” she said. An eternity passed as she slowly put her bra back on. Even though my eyes strained to remain on the road I could feel every curve of her supple breasts. Their contours burning like the radiant heat of a camp fire. She pulled the sweater back on and zipped it back up, again it failed to move past her breasts that were now accentuated by the blue lacy bra that pushed them even further together making them appear larger than ever.

I shifted in my seat. “sorry if that made you uncomfortable,” she faked an apology. “no, I’m fine.” I said. “I can see that your not.” she said. I could feel her gaze set between my legs, my anxiety was clear as my pants strained against the bulge. It was then that she noticed that I was soaked by rain from helping back at her car “oh my god you’re drenched! I am so sorry.” “it’s cool,” I said “I’m not cold by any means.” I said, implying that there was more than the heat from the car vents keeping my blood hot. “well I will pay you back when we get to my parents house.” “oh I can just change when I get home” “I didn’t mean I would dry your clothes.” “oh.”

I was racking my brain trying not to jump to conclusions, keeping my hopes at bay, think of anything but what she could possibly mean. “isn’t your mom home?” I asked. “I just remembered she said she would be at the office late. I’m on my own tonight…” she trailed off, waiting for me to take the opportunity. I was far too nervous to even reply. “what’s your address?” I changed the subject. She gave the address and noted landmarks nearby then asked “don’t you want to be repaid for your valiant efforts?” “no, I’m much to shy to ask for anything. Your company has been payment enough.” “no it hasnt,” she argued. “you deserve more, far more than me just showing you my tits. This is my place here.”

We pulled in to the driveway. We got out and I walked her to the door. “I don’t want to impose or take advantage of you,” I said. “you’re not imposing,” she argued, “and maybe I want you to take advantage of me.” she winked. She opened the door, grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. “my bedroom is upstairs.” she said dragging me along. “want me to wait down here?” I asked. “you’re very sweet, but kind of dumb.” she teased. We stumbled up the stairs, her pulling, me struggling to keep up. Then we were in her room. She closed the door. I just stood there, afraid to move but desperately wanting to get the party started.

She unzipped her sweater, rather, MY sweater. My eyes fell to her breasts. “you didn’t get a very good look at the girls, did you?” she asked as she peeled off the sweater then undid her bra. I just shook my head as the piece fell to the floor. Her glorious, perfectly round and full breasts greeted me with rock hard nipples. “What do you think?” “um, very nice” i stammered. “I’d ask if you liked what you see but clearly you do.” the bulge in my pants had given me away again. She floated across the room and gently pushed me so that I was sitting on the bed. Her hand moved to my crotch and gently caressed the hidden treasure. “it seems as though it’s now you that needs some rescuing…” she said seductively. I was speechless as I melted under her hot touch.

She unbuttoned my pants as she firmly pressed her lips to mine, moaning gently as her heart finally found an outlet for its pent up electricity. I gasped as she unzipped my pants, my hard cock springing loose. “commando, huh?” she asked. Before I could reply our lips were again locked, tongues darting, teasing, caressing. Then she noticed my size. “oh my god your big” she exclaimed. Then immediately took my cock into her mouth. I groaned and exhaled deeply, falling backwards as waves of pleasure washed over me. I pulled her up to me, tasting my precum on her lips. I massaged her breasts as we kissed. The fingers of one hand tangled themselves in her hair as the other found the band of the borrowed sweat pants and slid them slowly down, exposing her round ass.

She stood up and took the pants off then helped to remove mine. I stood up and embraced her, our hot bodies becoming one heat. I turned her around all the while kissing, so that she was facing the bed. I bent her over its edge and exclaimed “your ass is amazing!” “mmm” was the only sound she made as I knelt to appreciate it. Kissing each cheek I ran my hands up and down her legs, each time getting closer and closer to her dripping wet pussy. Every time in got close she would gasp, expecting the touch that would send her on her way to nirvana. I spread her ass cheeks and found her pink, tight asshole with my tongue. “oh my god” made its way through her tight teeth. I pushed her on to the bed, rolled her over then climbed on top. My large, hard cock made a loud thump as it slapped against her stomach. Again we kissed, more passionately than before.

The lust could be felt in each short breath we took as we locked lips and tongues. Slowly I kissed my way to her breasts, caressed them with my tongue. Then slowly down, down to her burning groin, the heat of lust emanating from it. Lightly I kissed her inner thighs, then to either side of her pussy, then lightly on the lips. My hot breath on her pussy felt like the fires of hell, a hell of passion and forbidden sex. Lightly my tongue found her pussy, parting the lips, tracing them up to her clit. Her body shuddered as my tongue wrapped its self around her clit, coaxing it out of hiding.

She moaned and panted as I worked my magic. “please fuck me.” she pleaded. I stood up, lifted her legs and placed the tip of my cock against her clit. Then I moved it up and down wetting it with the juices and saliva that were dripping from it. Then, with great force, I plunged my cock deep inside her pussy. Its spasms echoed in her legs, arms and back. Her eyes fluttered with each thrust of my cock, sliding with ease but filling her completely.

Everything blurred like the photograph of a camera with a slow shutter speed, locking a single moment in eternity. Only when we simultaneously climaxed did we return to reality. Our bodies covered in sweat and smelling of sex. Breathing heavily we embraced and rested, spent from the session that lasted an hour but was over in the blink of an eye. We cleaned up, got dressed then grabbed a snack from the kitchen. We kissed at the door then said goodbye. As we parted we couldn’t wait for our next encounter, the evening replaying through our minds on an endless loop.

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Rain’s Desire

Everyone claims
To want the rain
Whenever its been gone
But when it comes
They spend their time
Leaving it alone

No one plays
Out with the rain
Except for little kids
They’ve ran away
Closed their doors
And locked inside they hid

The rain has want
A great desire
It longs to feel your skin
But instead
You cover up
As if it were a sin


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