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Onward Through the Waves

Wet from briny sea
Waves draw the vessel onward
North Star guides her home

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A Mermaid’s Bed

A mermaid called me home
And made the sea my bed
She held me tight
And kept me warm
Breathed life into me
I want to stay forever
The calm beneath the waves
Keeps me safe from harm

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Airship Grounded

Great sails without wind
The mighty airship grounded
A rotting apple

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Navigating the Sea

The sea is dangerous
Its waves ever changing
Treasures and hazards
Wait beneath the surface
Maps tell their tales
Safe passage and known rewards
Promise of pearls and clear skies
The lure of uncharted waters
Calls me to explore
Dip my toes or swim?
Dive in naked hiding nothing
Let the salty swells caress me
Forget the dangers down below

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The Gamble

Made a gamble
Took the straight
A rocky, dangerous course
The compass set
Wind from the east
Survival is unknown
Destination is paradise
Or is it desolate
Time will tell
When we’ve arrived
For now, hold on to your seat

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Kiss of Life

Woman of the sea
Flowing brown hair
Shimmering green in the sun
Beckons me to swim
Promising comfort
When air runs out
A long kiss of life

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Siren’s Song

Below the sea
I heard a song
Through iron thick
Was it killer whale
Humpback or blue

A brand new tune

The dials and panels
All were black
The view port dark
Lost again it seems

I set the ship to rise
A baring from above

The song grew louder
As we went up
Sweet melody entrancing

A ceiling of thick ice
Met our ascent
Broken against the hull

World of white
Bitter cold and blinding
Song still ringing loud

Curious, I pop the hatch
Stumbling onto the deck
The tune now blares

In a trance I remove my clothes
Naked upon the ice-strewn deck
Wisps of frigid air surround me
Snow and ice dance on my skin
I do not shiver or shake

Caught in the embrace
The siren holds the captain
Whispering in my ear
“Thank you, Love. I release thee”

I return inside still in a daze
Full power now restored

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