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Casualties Of War

When the dust settles
Heroes are celebrated
Though nobody has won
Losses abound
In power, in borders
And in heart
What they have gained
Are hard-learned lessons
And battle scars

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Standing in the ruin of the cathedral
A wayward boy stood where he once felt small
Among the towering walls and beautiful glass
A world far bigger than he, but a world he knew well
But today, piles of stone and bits of chared timber
Left him feeling lost, in a sea of destruction
A broken child amidst broken dreams and broken lives
While a tired and tattered nun scolded him
Chiding the boy for not behaving as he should
In this sacred place she still called home

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Garden Lost

A garden was once, and blooms yet
Behind a wall of brambles brown
Though only now, through smallest holes
Can the garden still be found
The purest heart, give ol’n to youth
Will make it through the mound
While others search for no keys lost
To garden sown on precious ground

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Hang in my sky
At close of day
Connecting the stars
And lighting my way
Hang in my sky
And sing me a tune
A sweet lullaby
About you as my moon


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Who will be the lighthouse
For the moon and stars
When the fog is thick?

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Treading water, I feel
The pull of the ocean
And wonder of its game
Is it the breeze,
That causes it to move?
Or the moon in the sky
Playing with the stars?

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Death of a Moth

Caught up in the web
That was slung across the moon
Tangled and twisted
Death came too soon

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