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Sorting it Out

A little something to think about…

As social creatures, we humans require interaction with other in order to survive. No big deal, right? But here’s my perspective, we are shape sorting cubes. Yes, the ones we played with as a child. Six sides, any numbers of holes ┬áto fill (no pervy intentions here) with any number of shapes. We all have some of the basics, the squares, the rounds, the triangles, etc. These shapes are really just the people in our lives.

There will come a time when you find someone that will fit a particular hole in your life, you cube. You will have a square. You will have a round, that will not only fit in the round hole, but also in the square when the square can’t be found. You will also have your [precious] diamonds… and your [shining] stars… and even a rhombus (which is very much like a square but seems to always look like they are about to fall over).

The main point I’m trying to make is that all of your shapes have their place. Treasure them. Let them inside. And don’t forget that you have 5 other sides with holes that shapes are looking to fill. Be willing to accept them when the time comes or at least make the effort to find the side that they fit in to.

Happy Holidays!

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Fog descends on me
Your body pressed against mine
Lost in your presence

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Call, Girl

As she spoke
On the end of the line
Her lips danced
Making O’s
And as I listened
She licked her lips
And I thought of
How she must taste

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A smell
A lick
A suck

They all confirm
What my mind already knows
She is candy

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To touch you again
Like I once did
To see you smile
Hear you laugh
To make you moan

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