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Hungry is the dog
Without a hand to feed him
Wandering the wild

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A shepherd, a healer, a savior
Or just an ordinary man
Standing in the light
His hands held out before him
Bathed in the blood of a saint

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He who fell to Earth
Will never forget the moon
And her lullaby

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Bathtub Sex Positions

Maybe this is a silly list and hardly practical, but I had fun creating it with one of my dear friends. I had forgotten about it until recently when I was searching for some other draft. So, this isn’t that new, but I hope it is still fun to read and try. Being in publishing, I think it would be fun to create a book out of this, so if you are interested in helping, drop me a line. Will look for photos and possibly donations, but for now, please enjoy!

Position One: The Mermaid – He sits in the tub with legs extended while she sits atop his lap with her legs hanging out of the tub

No.2: Flying Dutchman – She is in the tub on hands and knees, he is on the edge of the tub similarly as he enters her from behind.

No.3: Walk the Plank – He straddles & sits on the edge of the tub while she lays on the edge in front of him, head at opposite end

No.4: White Squall – She sits in tub with him on his knees between her legs. He rocks back and forth making waves while masturbating and giving her a show. He finishes on her where she chooses.

No.5: Keel Haul – She sits in the tub with her hands bound and tied above her head to curtain rod or shower head keep her safely above water but not suspended and guide her on to him, lifting her up and down.

No.6: Run Aground – he kneels in the tub as she bends over the edge leaving in only her legs. He enters her from behind.

No.7: All Hands on Deck – pleasure each other using your hands only.

No.8: Weigh Anchor – he sits in tub with legs lifted out. She lays in tub in front of him slightly off the bottom

No.9: Batten Down the Hatches – close the curtain or shower door and enjoy each other in any way you see fit.

No.10: The Buoy – Fill the tub with water so when he sits, it meets the base of his cock she faces away and slaps the water with her ass as she bounces, sliding down to his base.

No. 11: Up/Down Periscope – Fill the tub 2 the brim, he lays in the tub & brings his hard cock up and into her mouth then back down. Repeat.

No. 12 – The Poseidon – She fantasizes that he is in the tub with her, her mythical god with his trident. She uses 3 fingers to cum.

No. 13 The Loch Ness Monster – He’s in the tub & hard. The water is colored w/green bath salts & suds. She has to find his “monster.”

While all of these positions depict a man and a woman, I think several could be adapted to fit same-sex pairings, and I would even like to build on this list with such. Please if you would like to add something, let me know and I will post it.


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Stories on the Train

You never know what you’re getting into when you ride the public transit system at night. Sean knew that, but it was really the best way to get home. After a few rounds at the bar where his friend’s band play a two-hour set, he floated onto the fairly crowded train. It felt like a lot of people for so late at night and there was a very interesting mix. Most of them were in their 50’s and carried lawn chairs and coolers.

Sean studied the crowd, making up stories for a few of them, wondering what sort of event they had been attending. It seemed to be some sort of outdoor concert, or at least that is what he pieced together from the words that bounced around inside the train car. At the last stop before they left the downtown area, a handful of people dressed in formal attire loudly climbed aboard as well.

The noise was a bit much after several whiskey-and-beer chasers, so Sean frowned at them from his seat as they made their way through the car. They all seemed to be lost in their mirth, as if they were the only people alive on this warm, late-Spring evening. All of them except one.

Quietly and calmly she drifted behind the party-goers, caught in their wake. Her dark skin wrapped in a burgundy satin gown that rippled as she moved. Her neck was draped with a silver necklace and pendant that nestled itself between her breasts. She wore black satin elbow-length gloves that matched the strip of fabric wrapped around her waist. She did her best to hold it up and carry her purse as they maneuvered through the legs, lawn chairs and coolers that littered the floor.

Sean hated himself for picking a group of empty seats to park himself, as this is where the group now landed with all of their chattering. Four seats for five people; their straggler left standing in the walkway. Sean stood up and offered her his seat, which she took with a polite and hushed “Thank you.”

As the train made its stops and rushed through the night, Sean was jostled around. The bouncing and jittering wouldn’t have been an issue had he not been focused on the beautiful woman he had given his seat to. She smiled at him occasionally as she caught him staring and tried to participate in the conversations of her group, but they mostly talked between themselves.

Finally the stop for the upper crust arrived and just as noisily as they arrived they departed; forgetting to say goodbye to their lonely one. Sean scoffed after them as he plopped himself down in a seat opposite her. She sighed a heavy sigh and watched the group disappear into the night, laughing and carrying on. Sean was coming down from his buzz and now tried not to be so obvious about his glances.

The train arrived at a transit center and a good portion of its passengers spilled onto the platform. Sean’s fancy companion reached into her purse, pulling out a book that she wrapped her gloved hands around as if it were a very precious item. Sean imagined it to be some romance novel or perhaps erotica by the way she seemed to hide its cover. He tried to focus on the back cover and make out some of the words but could only make out a few.

Got some kids to discipline?” Sean asked her, gesturing his head towards the book. “Excuse me?” “Your book.” he said, as she closed it and slid it back into her purse. “No, I just…” her color darkened as her skin flushed in embarrassment. “It’s no big deal,” he said. “My parents used to spank me all the time. Well, not all the time. I wasn’t a bad kid. But I think a little bit of spanking is fine.”

Now the color drained from her face as she swallowed hard. “It’s not for kids.” She mumbled to the stranger. “Not for kids?” Sean was momentarily puzzled and furrowed his brow, but then it hit him. “Oh…” He cleared his throat and repositioned himself in his seat. He couldn’t look at her now. “I -” “It’s fine,” she cut him off. “I probably shouldn’t be reading it on the train.” “I can move if you want.” Sean offered. “No, that’s silly. I only have a few more stops.” she smiled at him.

He shrugged his shoulders and offered some comfort, “I mean, that’s fine too. I guess. Spanking people.” Sean might not have been buzzed any longer but he was certainly still a bit loose mentally. “People are kids, erm kids are people. I meant adults.” She smiled at his fumbling words. “Yeah, it’s cool.” He continued to try and smooth things over.

“Have you ever been spanked?” she asked cooly, “As and adult?” “Me?” Sean turned red as he mentally chewed on the thought. “No. I don’t even know, what I mean is, what do you do, just ask someone to spank you?” “Yes. You could. Hopefully your partner would be playful enough to at least try it.” “Maybe…” he wondered if the possibility really existed with his on again-off again girlfriend.

“It’s not like you just say that out of the blue.” Sean argued after deciding his chances were slim. “Sure you can. If it’s something you want to try, you should definitely ask.” she suggested to him. “Do you spank people?” He asked. She became motionless as she considered where this conversation might be heading. “No.” came a coy reply.

“Oh. I guess I just thought…” Sean worried that he had crossed a line. Certainly spanking wasn’t a topic for strangers to discuss. “I’m usually the one being spanked,” she said quietly to her lap. The muffled voice on the speaker announced Sean’s stop. “This is me. It was nice talking to you,” he said as he got up from his seat and moved towards the doors. An internal struggle boiled inside her as the train slowed to a stop. “I can spank you!” she blurted out as the doors slid open.

He turned and looked at her in amazement as the doors slid shut again and the train started, throwing him toward her. He caught the handrail as he stumbled as she instinctively reached out to catch him, her hands finding purchase on his hips. He now stood with his crotch very close to her face. She cleared her throat and dropped her hands as she tried not to stare at the place where his manhood rested.

“Thanks for catching me!” Sean laughed. “Yeah…” she was still trying to break her focus, “of course!” Sean sat down again, and shrugged his shoulders “It’s a ways before the next stop.” “I didn’t mean to -” “It’s cool!” he cut her off, then there was silence.

“My stop is next.” she murmured. “Hmm?” “If you want to go home with me.” again she couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. Maybe it was the champagne. “Oh!” Sean shifted in his seat, “Yeah. Okay.” “Really?” again she was caught off guard. She was so used to being forgotten or left behind that she couldn’t believe that things were just falling into place.

The train operator announced the stop as the train slowed to a stop. Sean stood up and offered his hand to the burgundy lady. She took it and they stepped out onto the platform. She began walking in the direction of her loft nearly leaving him behind. “Hey! Wait up!” he called, laughing as he hurried to her side. Her head spun as she fought her insecurities. She knew if things didn’t happen fast she’d find herself wanting to back out despite her desires.

She stopped dead as she thought of her next move. “What is it? Did you change your mind?” Sean asked. Instead of answering she stepped out of her heals, bent down to pick them up, took his hand and rushed onward, pulling him behind. They got to her building and stepped up to the elevator. She frantically pushed the call button, sighing loudly in frustration. Finally the elevator arrived with a ding and the doors slid open.

She pushed the “close doors” then the one for her floor. Sean started “I -” “Shut up.” she spat. She didn’t want any reason to stop what had begun. He stood there, stunned. Looking at her, wondering what he had gotten himself into. They arrived at her floor and the doors slid open. “C’mon.” she ordered, grabbing his hand again and pulling him down the hall to her door. She dug in her purse, retrieved the key, then fumbled with the lock.

She opened the door finally, slipped inside and slammed it behind her leaving him on the other side. Before Sean could open his mouth in protest, she flung it open again grabbed his hand, pulled him inside and slammed the door again.

“Take off your pants.” she ordered. “Okay…” he said as he undid his pants. “Don’t talk, just do as your told.” She had no idea where this version of herself came from, but she wasn’t going to stop her. Not now. She needed to see herself win for once. “Boxers too.” she demanded as he finished stepping out his pants. Sean was slow to slide his boxers down, revealing himself to woman whose name he didn’t even know. “Hurry up!”

His cock bounced around as he tried to hurry but retain some dignity. “Go to my bed.” She pointed in the direction she wanted him to go, a king-sized plush piece with lots of pillows. It was situated so that one could see out the floor-to-ceiling window looking out onto the city.

Sean stood beside the bed and waited for his next command. “Bend over.” He put his hands on his knees, looking more like he was in a huddle than preparing for a spanking. “On the bed!” she said, a touch of anger in her voice as she pushed him forward. His pale ass glowed in the soft light of the city outside. She admired his curves; the way his balls hung between his legs, his resting cock just on the other side.

“Are you ready?” she asked. Sean nodded, his faced buried in the bedding. Her hand still wrapped in the satin gloves cut through the air and struck his ass with a satisfying smack. Her lips twisted into a smile as she felt power and pleasure build within her. He remained motionless as he waited for another blow. He didn’t have to wait long as she gave him another slap, then another, and another.

A few minutes passed and Sean’s ass began to deepen in color, while he shifted his feet. Now with each smack came a stroke, a reassuring touch, she now longed to grasp that which held her attention on the train, but she fought her desires and instead gave him another command.

“Take off your shirt.” Sean slid it over his head as he still rested his top half on the bed. “Now sit in my chair.” He stood up and looked about the dark room for the chair she was referring to. It stood in the corner, accompanied by a small table with a few books and a lamp on its surface. He eased himself into the chair as his ass burned from the recent attack.

“Turn on the lamp.” she said. Sean obeyed and squinted as the soft light poured across his body. He could no longer see her in the darkness of the room, but he knew that he didn’t need to. She sat on the edge of the bed and gave him another task. “I want you to masturbate for me.”

Sean began to pull and massage his flaccid cock, enticing it to grow in his hands. He closed his eyes as he tried to lose himself in the moment and enjoy the sense of security that she gave him. The direction, the purpose. Soon his cock was erect as his hands slid up and down it shaft. He moaned softly in his self pleasure and she knew he was arriving at his climax.

“Come on your chest.” she called from across the room. Sean gave into himself and rode the wave that was building. He held his breath then grunted as hot cum spurted onto his chest and stomach. He worked his cock until he was finished, fluid squishing between his fingers and down his shaft, creating tiny bubbles and quite the mess. He caught his breath, eyes closed and listened to the night.

A rustle of soft fabric came from across the room, then moments later a soft touch on either of Sean’s bare knees. Her glove-clad hands, spread his legs gently apart as she slid her now naked body between them. Her hot breath could be felt on his chest as breasts pushed into his dripping cock and tight balls. Gently she kissed and licked his skin, cleaning up the mess he had made. When she was done, she stood up, removed her gloves and made her way to the bathroom to clean up what cum remained on her breasts. Sean finally dared to open his eyes and was rewarded with the sight of her dark beautiful round ass as she walked away.


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Personal Sunrise

Waiting for sunrise
Like the day was his alone
She’s shining on all

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Letting Your Lover Loose

(Before you read, know that I don’t use the word “lover” in any derogatory manner, to me it signifies a person that makes love, as opposed to someone that just has sex. But that’s another post entirely)

This idea might be a bit outside the box for some, but if you’d stick with me to the end I think you might understand what I am saying. I love analogy and metaphor and so I am going to ladle those into your bowl as I go, but before we get too far into talking about lovers, let’s first talk about dogs. No this isn’t a post on beastiality, this is the analogy I was talking about.

Duke is a dog of an unknown breed that lives on my street. Perhaps he is doberman pincher, or rottweiler, or some other dog of similar coloring, but his breed really isn’t important. From time to time he steps out of his yard and blazes through the neighborhood like a four-legged streak of lightning. The thing about Duke though, is that he knows he is a dog.

My dog on the other hand, thinks she is a people. She wears sweaters, sleeps under the covers and gives hugs (and kisses). She doesn’t eat at the table though, that just doesn’t seem sanitary. My dog’s problem, that she is blissfully unaware of, is that she forgot how to be a dog. When she was a puppy, I spoke her language and taught her the rules. I played alpha dog so that she knew I was in charge, but also treated her like one of the pack (family), so that she knew she would be fed and given shelter and care and love, and anything else a people, erm DOG, could ever need.

We got comfortable, my dog and I. Like clock-work, my alarm goes off (I realize that’s what clocks do, but I’m talking about the dog), and she jumps on to the bed and dives under the blankets, knowing that I won’t kick her out as I try to steal a few more minutes from the night. She snuggles up against me and takes full advantage of my warmth and that cozy spot I will leave when I finally do climb out of bed.

She’s also a real snob when it comes to other dogs. She rarely plays with them, never sniffs their butt (the equivalent of introducing yourself), and I think she just assumes she is better than them, after all, she is a people. On the other end of the spectrum is Duke. I don’t think he knows what it’s like to be a people, though he is just as friendly with us two-leggers. You see him run through your yard and you can see the happiness in his stride. He is smelling all the world has to offer, butts included, until his owners come looking for him or he gets tired and hungry and returns to his home.

That’s another thing about dogs that know that they have a home, they always return to it. Sometimes the world gets the best of them, and that always makes me sad, but other times, they get the best of the world and when you see that happiness in a dog, you can’t help but smile.

Okay, analogy over (not really, but you want me to get to the point), it’s time to talk about lovers. Most lovers don’t know that they are lovers, they think that they are husbands or wives or girlfriends or boyfriends or what-have-you. They have forgotten that they are lovers and instead follow the roles that they have assumed over time. Don’t misunderstand me, these roles can be very rewarding. I’m sure my dog loves being a people just as much as I enjoy her being a people. I strongly believe that, dogs or people, we SHOULD be taking care of our pack – providing them with food, shelter, warm bodies to cuddle up to and someone to lick their wounds. All of these things are good and lead to a full life.

Sometimes though, a dog in our pack forgets that they are a dog and we chase them away with snarls and biting. They aren’t providing for the pack any longer and that just isn’t going to work for the rest of us. Is it their fault though, that they have forgotten that they were more than just part of the pack? That we never let them run or hunt, as we were always the ones to provide?

How about our would-be lovers? Are we chasing them away with snarls and biting (not the good kind of biting) because they forgot how to be dogs, erm LOVERS? (Sorry, now I’M getting lost in all this analogy, analogizing, analogisms?) They aren’t being lovers to us and yet we put the blame on them. I’m not really saying that it is our fault, after all, what is wrong with providing someone with food, shelter, love and empathy or compassion? That certainly isn’t their fault, that we wanted to give them those things and made them comfortable.

What if we let our would-be lovers loose so that they could run and hunt? Allowed them the chance to remind themselves that they are lovers; that they are women and men of desire and sexual appeal? Now before you get too far into thinking that I am suggesting infidelity, cheating, adultery, etc. let’s play with more analogy. Yay, analogy!

Some dogs run when they get out of their yard or house. They are supposed to stay within the boundaries, and yet they don’t. Some dogs run and never come back, for whatever the reason. Some dogs are taken to dog parks and allowed by their people to run around and socialize with other dogs in a safe environment. When it’s time to go home, people and dogs go home together. Other dogs are taken to the beach or forest or wherever is wild and free, and they are allowed to run around and explore and play and do whatever it is that dogs were made to do. Some dogs, like my dog, are just happy (I assume) being a people. They blissfully just assuming their role.

It is always scary to have your dog run free, whether it is intentional on your part or because there was a hole in the fence that needed repairing. The world is a big scary place and anything could happen. They might not come back. But they also might return to the pack stronger and happier with the full knowledge that they are dog.

Letting your lover loose could be as simple as letting them socialize; let them introduce themselves to other people… maybe don’t do any butt sniffing right out the gate, that could be a bit awkward. It’s not all about sex, which is what you’re probably thinking about. Mostly it is about letting your wife or husband remember that they are a woman, a man, a lover. Sometimes socializing is enough, they can run around in that safe environment and happily go home at the end of the day. Sometimes though, they need to run on the beach and through the woods and really be a lover.

If we’ve done our job as a part of the pack, they will remember where their home is and they will come home, just like Duke. I would recommend that Duke not run in the street, though. It’s very dangerous. And if you have holes in the fence because you haven’t been maintaining things like you should, then that’s really just your fault.


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