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A shepherd, a healer, a savior
Or just an ordinary man
Standing in the light
His hands held out before him
Bathed in the blood of a saint

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Where lies the risk
On the rope bridge of life?
Below in the chasm?
With waters deep?
Or jagged rocks?
Or hungry crocodiles?
When high above
As you make your way across
Joined by companions
One who went first,
Now with outstretched hand
The other behind you
Pushing you along


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Looks can be deceiving.
Like the body of water
Shimmering as it stands
Or roiling as it runs
Where once you thought it deep
You now find yourself
Standing in the middle
From the knees up


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When the door was opened
You paused before entering
Surveying the scene before you
Is the one living here messy?
Or did a struggle occur?
Or did a thief enter
Without an invitation
And mess things up
Searching for valuables

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ABC – What I’m good at

Yet another piece from my profile. I was trying to be cute and funny, but I don’t really know if it was appreciated. I’m getting the feeling that people don’t want to read poetry when they are looking at profiles. Oh well!

Apple eating
Butt oogling
Crepe making
And drawing too
Eagle watching
Food eating
Gift giving
Also hugging you
Ink smudging
Joke telling
Kite flying
Lip-locking, ooh
Movie watching
Orange peeling
Putting on a shoe
Quilt folding
Rug burning
Soup sipping
Toe tapping tunes
Upside downing
Vulva drowning
Wishful thinking
X-ray posing nude
Yes or no-ing
Zipper zipping
Now I’m out of letters
I finished this too soon


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Out in the Wild

This is another piece I wrote for my profile as I had mentioned yesterday. I don’t typically write “slam poetry” if you can call this such. I was trying to deliver an image of where I live.

Out in the wild, no city lights but barroom fights with cats. Mountain lions. Cougars. Drinking cheap beer, arching their backs, hair up on end. Conservatives in this Gem State blinging out their boots, jeans and cowboy hats. Get your made-to-order home fries and eggs over easy. Life is slow but everyone knows when your skirt blows with the wind. Exposing all your dirty secrets. Your sex tape. But they are all virgins of course. Give me the city and never let me sleep.

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Happy Blogiversary

Today marks four years of me blogging on this site! Wow, who knew?


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