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The sun sunk and rose again
With an eternity of night
Sandwiched in between
While a sea of sunlight
Crashed upon a crisp white shore
Exposing buried treasure

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Nearly Bare

pathetic leaves cling
to a stem thats nearly bare
curling, turning brown


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The heat and aroma of the bath
Transports him
Back to a time when
The body he stroked was not his own
And the moans were breathed
Into his ear


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The Kill

Swift arrow took the beast
Yet when it flew from its string
Time slowed to almost nothing
A heavy sound as it found purchase
Brought time back to normal
Sorrow mixed with victory
As the hunter surveyed his kill
Beauty taken surrounded by beauty
A necessary evil to sustain life
Dragging the carcass to his cave
He turned back only to find
The body he drug was his own

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Charting a Course

Charts made
From constellations
Took his ship
To the edge of the world
Where he sailed off
Into the night sky

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What they told you was true
Your body is a temple
But they also deceived you
They told you to keep it sacred
That this was YOUR task
When in reality
The temple is not your home
It is not sacred only to you
Your body is a place of worship
A place where I might bow down
Where I might give you praise
And sacrifice all that I have
I vow to keep it sacred
If you will let me in


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Fog descends on me
Your body pressed against mine
Lost in your presence

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