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Treading water, I feel
The pull of the ocean
And wonder of its game
Is it the breeze,
That causes it to move?
Or the moon in the sky
Playing with the stars?

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Live and let live

Caught in a battle
Between sun and moon
When no fight is needed
Simply agree
To let the ocean live
And bring forth life
To the world

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South Seas

Set a course for the South Seas
The stars in her eyes to guide the way
A balmy paradise to call home

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Incoming Tide

Funny how
When the tide is in
Everything feels full
And yet
When it is out
So much is exposed
And life is cut off
All from the same sea


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Buried Treasure

Someone stole the moon
From its place among the stars
The world finally took pause
When the tide stopped leaving scars
And the sea kept all its treasures
Buried deep within


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At Sea

Tell me, love
Upon the wind
When I am lost at sea
Which direction
I should sail
To feel less crazy
Touch me, dear
As I sleep
Help my heart to heal
Whisper to me
In my dreams
And tell me you are real
Take me, babe
Into your arms
When I am on your shore
Give everything
That I have missed
All of that and more


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Regret Washed Away

“I always regretted not kissing the guys that I liked.”

He waited patiently for the back story, which she delivered.

When she finished he placed a strong hand along either side of her face, looking into her eyes.

“Let me not be the one that you regret.”

With that he washed away the sentence with a long and gentle kiss that built itself up like a wave crashing into the shore.


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