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Driftwood cast upon the shores
Of this queen-sized bed
The currents of the river
And contours of the land
Arranged them just so
Into haphazard perfection
Beginnings and ends
Blissfully lost
Bodies overlapping
Entwined, embracing
Only by the mid-day sun
Are all the limbs, branches
Bits and pieces accounted for
To the onlooker it’s a mess
To wood, it is life. It is love.


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The Bee that Loved

Busy drone was dizzy buzzing
Looking for his queen for nuzzling
Though he tried his very best
Several spots looked like his nest
Of course they were not quite the same
But still he had himself to blame
His heart was set on serving others
Unlike his toiling striped brothers
Had he blindly buzzed around
He wouldn’t be upon the ground
But alas he smelled the flowers
Was now aware of higher powers
Instead of doing what he should
He tried to do all that he could
His labor of love is finally over
Alone and lost among the clover

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Be Mine

Be My
Be My
I’ll give you the world
If you say you’ll be mine
I’ll love you and feed you
And kiss you goodnight
At time when you’re sad
I will hold you so tight
When you are down
I will give you a smile
Each fleeting moment
I’ll make worth your while
Complements I will give
On each daily fashion
And when you are horny
I’ll give you my passion
There won’t be a lot
That I’ll ask you to do
Just say that you love me
And show me it too.


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The Layover pt.5

James and Maggi decided to walk the short distance to the his hotel. The crisp walk got their blood flowing and cleared their heads. As they approached the opulent building Maggi exclaimed “Wow, James. You’re staying here?” “Yeah, I guess. I only saw the pictures that the gallery sent to my email.” he replied. “Are they putting you up?” James nodded. “Good evening, James!” a hostess called from the desk as they walked into the hotel. “Hello!” James raised a hand and called back as he led Maggi to the elevators.

“How does everyone know who you are?” she asked as James pushed the button to call the elevator down from its hiding somewhere on the upper floors. “I’m famous.” he replied with a wink. “Really?” “No.” he twisted his mouth as he said this, suggesting some deep pains. The elevator dinged and the doors opened slowly to reveal a polished copper inside with a small bench and carpeted floor. The two turned and faced the doors as they closed; in their reflection Maggi realized that they were still holding hands and had been since the yogurt shop.

“I’m not that famous, I’m just…” James frowned as he searched for the right word, “…eccentric.” “Oh,” Maggi said contemplating how true this might be. “I hear all good artists are!” she chirped back. James smiled, “I guess.” The elevator dinged again as they arrived at his floor. The doors opened to reveal only one door at the opposite end of a small room. James fished in his jacket pocket for the key as Maggi looked around the small room.

“Is this the penthouse?” she asked. “Yeah…” That tell-tale click came from the door as James swung it open. “After you, Maggi.” She stepped into the gorgeous suite that was fit for royalty. The walls were mostly windows, showcasing the lights of the city. “Like I said,” James spoke from behind her “I’m eccentric.” “I think this is incredible! I wish I were eccentric!” Maggi laughed. “HA! But then you would be as much fun as you are! Let’s get you out of that dress.”

Maggi was startled by James’ forwardness but took off her cardigan and started to unzip her dress anyways. “You can change in the bedroom if you want.” James said. “Oh.” Her voice was thick with disappointment. “Just toss your dress out and I will take it downstairs to have them clean it for you.” James called to her as she slunk into the bedroom.

Maggi finished disrobing once inside the room. She let the dress fall from her shoulders to her waist then she pushed it down over her curves with a pout. What am I doing here? She thought to herself as she stood in front of the large mirror on the back of the vanity. Her plain but matching set of white undergarments did nothing to boost her ego. She picked up her dress with a heavy sigh and headed the the other room.

She stopped herself short of the doorway and called out “What do I wear now?” “What’s that?” James called from somewhere inside the penthouse but sounding far away. “I don’t have anything to wear!” Maggi reemphasized her issue as she threw her dress through the doorway into the other room. “Oh, uh… whatever you want.” James said as he approached.

Maggi peeked from behind the door using it to block her body from his view. “What are you doing?” James asked taking a sip from the drink he had apparently poured himself at the bar. “I’m hiding.” Maggi thought it was pretty obvious. “What for?” James scowled at her as sipped again. “Because I’m naked!” “What?!” James choked on his drink. “Well, not NAKED. I’m in my underwear. You don’t have to freak out!” “I just…” James blushed as he struggled to find the right words but instead picked up the dress set down his drink and went out the door.

Maggi felt guilty for getting after him. She wondered now if his distance was more about him being shy than it was possibly not being attracted to her. James carried himself so well that she didn’t even consider it until he had blushed at the mere mention of her being naked. She didn’t want him to be scared off so she thought it best to ease him into the rest of the evening. Even if they were to be just two friends keeping each other company.

She reminded herself again not to get carried away as she looked around for a hotel bathrobe. She found two of them in a deep emerald green hue neatly hanging in the closet. Next to them were several striped button-up shirts that must have belonged to James. Maggi smiled to herself as she ran her fingers down the soft linen. She pulled one to her face and breathed in. James’ scent wrapped itself around her thoughts as her smile grew even bigger. He DID say she could wear whatever she wanted…

to be concluded

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See Through

In the right light I see through
Your dress for a beautiful view
Although I suppose
That despite of you clothes
I often can see the real you


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Across the barren land
Silky smooth
Inch by burning inch
He drug his body
Leaving a trail
Making his journey
Towards a bush
Or a mirage
A place to slide
Beneath, perhaps
If he were lucky
Better though
To have a drink
A taste
A drop
A moment to
His thirst
And her desire

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The Layover pt.4

“You really painted all of those paintings?” Maggi asked once James had also climbed into the taxi. “Yes.” “Wow, you’re really talented.” she gushed over him. “Thanks.” James was staring out the window again. Maggi decided to get his attention by turning on some charms of her own.

Maggi scooted across the bench in the back, their bodies closer now than they ever had been. Hips and shoulders touched, the warmth between them completely transferable. His reflection in the glass revealed a slightly upturned mouth on one side. She rubbed against him like a cat, watching him, waiting for a response.

Still James looked out the window into the sparkling night lights. “Where to now, my handsome artist?” she purred. “Dessert.” He turned to her and smiled as he replied in a seductive tone that almost made it sound like it was she that was on the menu. “Mmm. Really?” Maggi replied in an equal tone as she bit her bottom lip.

He apparently wasn’t expecting such a response as James cleared his throat and and shifted in his seat. Maggi was now embarrassed that she had made that jump and slid a couple inches back to the other side of the taxi. “Let’s get some frozen yogurt…” He put his hand on her bare knee and finished his sentence “…first.”

As they got out of the yellow cab Maggi’s mind was racing. Were they really talking about what she thought they were? She had no idea who this man was and this sort of thing was far from anything she would normally do.

Inside the shop they taste-tested a few flavors. James fed her from a tiny spoon as she closed her eyes and tried to make a decision. Finally she chose a marshmallow flavor and topped it with graham cracker crumbs and strawberry sauce. James opted for a vanilla topped with hot fudge.

The two sat at a small table to savor their concoctions. Each enjoyed their frozen yogurt in silence until Maggi thrust her spoon at him. “Try mine.” James accepted her bite and offered her one in return. The outstretched spooned oozed warm chocolate and before she could take a bite it dropped onto her dress.

“Shit. I’m really sorry!” James said. “It’s fine,” Maggi reapplied, “it was an accident.” He could tell that it wasn’t fine and tried to comfort her. “Lots of hotels have a dry cleaning or laundry service.”

“Oh my god! The hotel!” She caught her breath. “What is it?” James asked. “I forgot the voucher at the restaurant!” Maggi then started to cry. “It’s not a big deal,” he scooted his chair beside hers and tried to console her. “I forgot the flowers too!” Maggi sobbed. “Oh yeah, I forgot about those. Oops!” He wasn’t the least bit put out.

“Let’s go to my hotel,” James said, “We can have your dress cleaned and if you want we can share my room.” “Really?” Maggi asked, trying to wipe the tears from her face. “Of course. But only if you trust me.” James wiped a tear with his thumb as he placed his palm against her cheek. Gently he kissed her on the forehead. Then James took Maggi by the hand pulling her out of her seat and leading her out the door. Once again the would-be-lovers sped off into the night.

to be continued

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