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Things grow slow
In the shadow of the tree
Even when its leaves
Have finally dropped

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Hide and Seek

He always knew
ThatĀ if he waited long enough
Hidden in the shadows
He would be forgotten

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Mole HIlls

The hill has dreams
Of being a mountain
Though it forgets
It was one before
A long time ago
It stood tall and proud
Casting shadows
And changing weather
A challenge to most
An adventure to all
Now soft and round
Nothing but tiring
A place for moles
To dig around

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Weathered Tree

Why should the weathered tree
Receive special treatment
Leaves struggle to grow at all
It no longer offer fruit to eat
The shadow cast is very narrow
And hardly noticed by anyone
Except the very small
The tree is not yet dead
But ponders its own longevity
Why should it be left to stand
When mightier will fall

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My shadow rubs raw
Between alabaster stems
Flowers gently licked

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Give unto me
All that you are
Give me your skin
And all of your scars
Give me your hair
As it frames your face
Give me your treasure
That most sacred place
Give me your back
From neck down to butt
Give me your curves
And the shadows they cut
Give me your toes
And each delicate finger
Give me your feet and hands
Where they linger
Give me your legs
And each loving arm
Give me your presence
I’ll do you no harm
Give me the pleasure
Of seeing you naked
Give me this moment
A memory that’s sacred


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Mighty Tree

Little redwood gently weeps
For those its shadow cannot reach
Every creature big or small
Long to be with one so tall
Loving limbs and cool shade
A happy home its often made
When little bird spreads wings to fly
A ring reveals when redwood cried

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