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Crossing the Line (pt.2)

After a brief moment of terrifying silence, the distant voices and music of a television program could be heard from another room in the house. Heidi and Alan breathed heavy sighs in unison as the moment passed.

“What do we do about your mom?” Alan whispered, still half embracing her, half coping a feel. “Nothing,” she whispered back, “We’re both adults.” He snorted at her reply, “Oh yeah. Why are we whispering then?” Heidi giggled and offered back, “Maybe we should at least close the door?”

Heidi released her hold on his cock and wiggled out of Alan’s arm. Silently she brought the door to a mere crack, thinking that they’d still be able to hear a change in her mother’s status if they needed to break up the party. She returned to her place in front of him and began to lift his shirt over his head. Alan had been shirtless in front of her before in the heat of summer, but this time it was different. His body still called to her as it had then, but this time she could touch his skin, run her hands across his smooth muscles, tug gently at the chest hair.

Alan could do little but stand there and enjoy her touch, the touch he had longed to experience for so long. He was lost beneath her fingers, as if they were a portal to another world, a place he could only have dreamed of previously. After touching his skin for a few moments, Heidi decided she needed to feel it against her own. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, slid it off of her shoulders to reveal her large, breasts. Her large nipples were a soft pink, slightly hard in anticipation as her body admitted its draw to him.

Before she could shy away from Alan’s gaze, Heidi pressed her body into his. His skin felt hot next to hers and she rest her head on his chest, appreciating him for the man that he was. Alan wrapped his arms around her and caressed her back, letting her control the situation and how their time would be spent. For him, it was always up to her – anything she wanted, she could have.

“Can we get on the bed?” Heidi asked timidly as she looked up at him. “Of course!” Alan released her and followed her lead, climbing on the bed and laying their heads on the pillows facing each other. “Kiss me.” she pleaded as she closed her eyes. Alan placed his hands aside her face and kissed her gently on the lips. Heidi whimpered and trembled under his touch, Alan was slowly realizing that she was only always waiting for him to take what he wanted. She knew he wanted her and more than anything she just wanted him to act upon it.

Something clicked on in his brain as Alan now knew what she needed. He pressed his lips harder into Heidi’s, making her melt. One hand took a fist full of her hair causing her to open her mouth in a gasp, which he took as opportunity to seek out her tongue with his own. Alan’s mouth moved to her collar bone, where he kissed and gently nibbled.

He let loose her hair and instead grabbed a handful of her breast as he kissed away at her neck. Giving herself to his desires, Heidi rolled over on to her back, opening up his options. Alan took her other breast into his mouth, sucking and biting at her nipple. She squeaked from the pain, but gave no real indication that she wanted him to stop. Heidi instead stuck her own index finger between her lips and bit down on it to keep herself from making too much noise.

Like an animal, Alan attacked her womanly curves with his mouth. He sucked, licked and bit his way from her beasts to her neck then down to her hips. Once there, he slid his fingers into the waistband of her panties and began to remove them. He paused a moment as he questioned his actions. Only a short while ago they were friends, before this was over they would be lovers. Was she ready for that? Was he?

Alan didn’t want to stop though, and neither did Heidi as she lifted her hips off of the bed making the removal of her panties easier. As they slid away from their position they revealed her readiness. A string of Heidi’s wetness trailed from the crotch of her panties to her swollen, wet lips. “God, you’re soaked.” Alan said aloud before he could catch himself.

Heidi didn’t respond, she simply spread her legs and waited for him to continue. She had made her request that he take her, and she wasn’t going to do anything that would stop him from doing so. Alan slid her panties off both legs and tossed them onto the side of the bed near her hand. She balled them up in her hand as a sort of safety net. Heidi wasn’t a teenager and this wasn’t her first time, but with Alan it felt new and almost scary. She feared shattering the dream that she had held onto for so long.

His hands slowly slid up her legs, slowing at her thighs then stopping completely near her entrance. Alan traced the edge of her pussy with one finger then gently dipped it inside. Another finger followed it as they gathered wetness then teased her clit. This was not Alan’s first time either and his touch was magical. Certainly he wasn’t THAT skilled at masturbating a woman, but it definitely was helpful that it was Alan specifically that was touching her.

Heidi was approaching her climax quicker than she ever had before. In an attempt to smother her whimpers and soft moans, she stuck her panties into her mouth and clenched her teeth. Alan alternated his attention from her labia to her entrance with one hand as the other gently caressed her abdomen and breasts.

Heidi began to rummage through the headboard, panties still in her mouth as Alan focused on her. Finding what she was looking for, she threw a condom at him and spit out her panties. “Alan.” she breathed. “Hmm?” he was in a daze, lost in her body. “Alan, fuck me. Please.” She replaced his hand at her pussy with her own so he could prepare himself.

Alan removed his jeans and underwear, letting them fall to the floor. His hard cock was more than ready as the head glistened with precum. He stroked it a few times as he watched her dip her fingers inside herself and furiously rub at her own clit. Alan then climbed onto the bed and tore open the condom wrapper with is teeth as one hand maintained its rhythm on his cock. After rolling is down his shaft he positioned himself between her legs.

Alan let his cock bump into her busy hand, an indication to her that he was ready. Eyes shut, Heidi took hold of his cock and guided it into her wanting pussy. He pushed in as far as he could go making her catch her breath. Alan held onto her legs, pulling her into himself repeatedly. He slid his cock in and out with a wet sounding slap each time as their bodies met.

Heightening her own experience, Heidi squeezed her breasts, digging her nails into her flesh. Likewise, Alan dug into her thighs, pulling himself ever deeper into her. Their hushed groaning and panting of lovemaking wasn’t loud enough to be heard over the television, but they tried to keep it to a dull roar anyways as they both approached their climax.

Reaching the edge, Alan fell atop his friend and buried his face into the bed, letting out a deep groan. His cock swelled inside of her and spasmed as he ejaculated, calling her to join in. Heidi turned her head towards him burying her face into his neck, biting into his flesh as her whole body gave in. Her pussy clenched and released in long, slow pulses. Heidi smiled and moaned to herself as she became aware of the mess she had made on the bed, brought about by Alan’s hand and cock.

Alan slid his cock from her pussy and rolled off of Heidi to lay beside her. As the two friends lay there catching their breath, the timer on the oven buzzed away from the kitchen. She giggled and rolled to face him, propping herself up on one arm, “So,” she said, slapping him on the thigh, “Want to stay for dinner?”


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Crossing the Line (pt.1)

They lay on the bed as friends. Enjoying each other’s company, chatting about nothing in particular while Heidi’s mother prepared dinner in the kitchen. She had nothing to suspect, nor reason to keep an eye on the two. Alan and Heidi had always only acted as friends, despite deep-seeded want on both of their parts. Alan in typical attire of white t-shirt and blue jeans, lay with his head on his arm, listening as Heidi rambled on about her day, her friends from far away, and her plans for the weekend. He never needed to say a word, nor did he want to stop her song. As she spoke, he drifted towards sleep, exhausted from his hard day of work, her current rant becoming a lullaby.

Lost somewhere in the state of in-between, he placed a hand on her bare leg, rubbing it lightly to match the rhythm of her voice. In her bright yellow tank top and short, blue denim shorts, Heidi couldn’t help but smile. Alan was always so soft, for lack of a better word, with the way that he acted towards her. Despite his often rough and tumble appearance, she saw him as a gentle and caring creature with far more heart than she could ever hope to tame.

Her words drifted off as she melted under his touch. Heidi placed her hand aside his face, caressing his cheek as he turned towards her warmth. A soft moan escaped from somewhere deep down, as if the sun had broken through the darkest of clouds to shine upon Alan’s heart. Slipping over the edge, his hand finally came to rest with his finger tips tucked under the edge of her shorts at her hip.

For awhile, Heidi watch him sleep. Maybe it was only a few minutes, but the moment seemed to last forever. With his walls removed, she could finally see him. Feel him. Through his fingers flowed the love that he had always had for her but was too cautious to outwardly admit to. Lost in the moment and wanting more than just a taste, Heidi took his hand from her hip and placed it between her thighs. In similar fashion, his fingers slipped into the edge of her shorts and teased the lace that framed her panties and ultimately her pussy.

She moaned softly as Alan stirred, his fingers pleading with him to realize their whereabouts. “Maybe this will wake you up.” she said softly, slipping her own finger into the edge of her panties, giving his fingers passage. They now rested against her lips, radiant warmth breaking the his spell of slumber. His eyes opened slowly as he stayed his hand, as a hunter would use caution when their prey was within range.

Alan started to speak, but Heidi placed a finger on his lips and hushed him. They lay there, gazing into each other’s eyes, both afraid to move for fear of losing the moment. She gently ran her fingers through his hair and caressed his cheek. Heidi slipped from his grasp and stood beside the bed. Slowly she removed her top to reveal a cream colored bra trimmed in lace. Freckles dotted chest and stomach as they did her face, but he had never seen more than was conventional between friends. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling at her beauty and his desires, a secret given away by his eyes.

She unbuttoned her shorts and eased them over her hips, revealing a similar set of panties; cream colored, trimmed in lace, with vertical lace panels and a tiny bow in the middle at the top. Heidi just stood there as he took her in. Alan sat up on the edge of the bed and place his hands on her hips. They held each other’s gaze, still not willing to break the silence with words that could never hope to say how they felt.

Heidi was vulnerable. She always wanted Alan, but never wanted to risk rejection. The fear of losing the dream kept her from ever acting on her impulses, or his subtle hints for that matter. He was always generous with touch when it came to her, but also very diplomatic. He never pushed his limits despite his always wanting to.

A tear trickled down her face as she stood before him. “Shhh. What is it?” Alan whispered, brushing the tear away with his thumb. “I’ve waited too long for this,” she said with eyes shut, trying to keep the floods gates from opening. “It’s okay, we don’t have to do this if you’re not ready.” he offered but Heidi shook her head.

Alan stood up and took her into his arms. Her arms migrated from her sides to the space that between them, making a cocoon out of his embrace. Heidi’s hands found the growing bulge between his legs that pressed into her abdomen. “Take me,” she breathed. Mimicking her pursuit, his hands wound their way around her body and slid into the front of her panties, brushing across her pubic hair, seeking out the warmth they had recently known. Her swollen lips begged to be parted and her breath caught as she turned her face up towards his, waiting for him to give her life.

The noise from the kitchen came to an end as Heidi’s mother moved about the house. The friends froze as if silence were a better cover to mask their actions. There would be no explaining themselves though; her hands grasping his manhood through his jeans as she stood there in her underwear, and his hands lost in her panties. All they could do was wait and listen, fearing the moment would end before it ever really began.

to be continued


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Valentine’s Day

She closed her eyes and breathed out heavily as she tried to calm down. It was just an innocent message. For now… She tried to relax her hand as it hovered over the mouse pad. She dropped her head, giving into her doubts. As she placed her hand on the pad to close out the window on the screen she heard it click. Her hand shot to her mouth in horror. What had she just done?


Robin sat in the driver’s seat of the family van as she drove her husband of fifteen years to the airport. They left the children at home with his sister so they could enjoy their last moments together without distraction. Henry fiddled with his tickets in the heavy silence. He cleared his throat, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.” Robin frowned, she didn’t like how this was starting.

“What is it?” “Well,” he sighed hard. “Never mind.” She looked over at him. He’d seen that look plenty of times over the years. He already started, he might as well finish. “I’m worried about you,” he said. “What? Why? We’ll all be fine honey, I promise!” she patted him on the leg. “This is a big deal for you, you shouldn’t worry about us.” “I’m not worried about the kids. I know they’re in good hands. I’m really going to miss them though.” he choked up on the end of his sentence.

“Aww…” Robin cooed to him from the drivers seat and squeezed his leg. Her face become quizzical, “Why are you worried about me?” Henry cleared his throat again. “Well…” “Yes? What is it Hen?” “I just know how you really need to connect. With people. With me I mean.” “Okay…?” Robin wasn’t following. “Intimately.” He tried to clarify. “You mean sex?” she asked him bluntly. “Yeah. I guess.”

“Of course I love having sex with you!” she said, as if he shouldn’t be questioning it. He shifted in his seat, “That’s not what I mean.” Robin searched his words, looking for a thread that would lead her into his mind. “I mean that I am worried that the lack of intimacy is going to get to you. It’s going to be hard for you.” He rushed through his explanation. “I will be doing all of these new and wonderful things that can distract me from missing you on some level, but you’ll be at home carrying on your life. Our life. Except I won’t be there to hold you at night. To kiss you and…” “Put your dick in me?” Robin teased. “Yeah.” he smiled at her.

“What I’m saying is that, I think that if you don’t have that intimacy you might go crazy.” They pulled up to the terminal as Robin was finally starting to get what she thought her husband was saying. “Wait, are you saying you think I might cheat on you?” “No,” Henry looked at her. “Of course not.” “Then you lost me babe.” she was frustrated with the way he was painting the picture. He leaned over and kissed her long and hard, the last kiss that they would share for three months. They both trembled as they held back the tears. Henry climbed out and retrieved his suit case from the sliding door behind him. “I’m saying that maybe you should.”


As she searched for some way to delete her message, the computer dinged and a icon popped up indicating a reply. Whatever horror she suffered from before was now far worse. How could she have possibly picked a time to message him while he was currently online? She slammed down the screen of the laptop and held her hands on top of it. The message waited inside to be read. If she never opened the laptop again nothing would happen, right? She got up from the desk, turning at the doorway to be sure that the laptop remained closed.


The first week away from Henry was excruciating. He called every evening to talk to the children and to Robin, but his voice was far from making up for the lack of his presence. His business venture in Europe was guaranteed to expand their market, doubling the profits if not more. It was a necessity for the livelihood of their family as well as the other partners in the company, she couldn’t blame him. She missed him terribly though.

The second week was easier as they all rolled into a routine. Henry’s absence was felt, but everyone had their tasks at home. It was during the second week that he brought up their last conversation before he had left. “Did you put any more thought into what I suggested?” he asked. “No. I don’t even want to think about that right now?” “When will you?” The truth was, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Every day Robin struggled with the implications of doing what Henry had suggested. “I don’t know Hen, please don’t ask me about it again.” “Alright. I love you Robin. I really do,” was the last words he would speak on the matter.

On the third week they tried phone sex. Something they hadn’t done together since both were in college. They studied in separate states and were only able to get together in person every other weekend. It was awkward to be engaging each other over the phone as adults. “Are you touching yourself?” he asked. “Yes.” she whispered. “Where?” “On the bed.” Where did he think she was? Henry laughed on the other end, “I meant on your body.” “Oh!” she felt silly, “Between my legs.”

“Are you touching your pussy?” he asked bluntly. “Henry!” “Well? Come on Robin, we both need this!” He was frustrated with her effort. “Yes I am.” she tried her best to be in the moment with her husband that was so far away. They spent the rest of the time breathing heavily and moaning in each others ears. “I’m going to cum!” he moaned into the phone followed by a deep groan, something Robin never knew she could miss so badly. Tears ran down her cheeks as she listened to her husband pant and catch his breath.

After a month, it hurt too much to talk to him. Robin simply filled him in on the details of their daily life and Henry did the equivalent in return. Whenever he tried to suggest phone sex or the conversation got too sentimental, she would say she was tired and hurried to get off the phone. Each night after these phone calls she cried herself to sleep. She hated that he knew her so well; that he knew she would fall apart without personal intimacy. He was right and maybe what he suggested needed to be done. She would never survive another two months of heartache. Finally she decided to send an online message to an old friend from high school.


Three days had passed since she had sent her message to Gavin. Robin didn’t dare step a foot into the office, let alone lift the screen on the laptop. Finally she convinced herself that it was rude to not respond, even if it was to just thank him for his reply. She filled a glass with wine after the children had gone to bed and made her way into the office. Robin took a deep breath as she lifted the screen. The message hadn’t disappeared. It waited there with it’s glaring red notification symbol. She took a big drink of her wine and clicked on it.

“Robin! So good to hear from you!” it read, “Hope you are well. It’s been a long time! TOO long LOL! I keep up on your family through here. Its good to see your kids grow up and you and Henry enjoying life. Talk to you soon!”

She didn’t know what she had expected, but this certainly was more benign than her imagination. All that fuss over nothing, she shook her head at herself. Now she had to consider the next step. What was the next step? They lived in different cities now, though she had planned to visit her mother in a few weeks, which was within the same metro area as he. If nothing else, that was a good place to start.

“Gavin, thank you for your reply,” she began “I am doing well, thank you. It has been a long time, hasn’t it. Life has a way of getting away from you, doesn’t it. Thank you for keeping up on us, that is sweet of you.” She reread her message. Too many thank yous, she frowned. She hovered over the delete key but decided to leave it as it was. To the end of the message she added “I will be visiting my mom soon if you’d like to get together.” And that was it. She sent the message, closed the laptop, made her way to the kitchen and poured herself another glass of wine.


When Henry called the next night, Robin let him know about the message. “Gavin?” he searched his memory for that name. “Oh right! Didn’t you guys have a thing for each other before we met?” Robin blushed at her husband’s recollection, “Yeah, but we never did anything, we were just friends.” “Did we all go to a movie together or what was that?” his memory was exceptional, but that was part of why he was so successful. “Technically it was a screening for a student film by the girl he was dating.” “Oh, right! Man, that thing was bad!” They shared a laugh that once again sent shooting pains through her heart.

“Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I had sent him a message.” Robin said as she tried to hurry off the phone before she completely lost control of her emotions. “Thanks babe.” Henry replied, “I hope you two can connect.” “Yeah, maybe coffee or something?” she offered. “Or dinner.” “Good night Henry.” “I love you Robin.” She choked on her words and couldn’t squeeze out a reply before hanging up.


Robin waited a few days before she checked for a reply from Gavin. She had been thinking about him while she was at work, but couldn’t get herself to be on the laptop once she was home. She struggled with her memories of being attracted to him at one time, struggled with thoughts of what might have been and wondered what he was like now. Of course she saw pictures of him that he occasionally posted, but many people she once knew from that period of her life had changed quite a bit. Part of her hoped that he had remained the same.

She opened his message. “Robin, I would love to see you and your family! Did you guys want to meet for pizza or something? What do the kids like?” Gavin was always very considerate and nice. Too nice at times, and nice guys finish last, or at least Gavin did with her. Robin made her reply, “It would just be me this time. Can we do dinner?” She hit the send button and realized she didn’t have her antidote of wine next to her, so she rushed out of the room.

A few days passed before Gavin replied. She had checked every day, several times the first day, hoping he would reply. By the time he did reply she was almost upset that he had taken so long. “When and where?” was all that he wrote.


“So where is he taking you to dinner?” Henry asked the next night. “Some new vegetarian place down town. I guess it is very modern or hip or whatever.” she replied. “Oh that’s cool! You know me, I’d have to get a salad!” Robin was familiar with her husband’s tastes; his affinity for a juicy burger or a really good steak. It felt good to be treated to something outside his comfort zone. “Is there any more talk?” he asked timidly, though he told himself that he would leave it alone. “No.” Robin said, “I’m just trying to make it to dinner with a man I’m not married to. That’s all I can think of right now.”

“What am I going to tell my mom?” Robin thought out loud as she was imagining her mother’s nosiness. “Tell her you are going to see Regan.” Henry said as if it were a no-brainer. “She see’s her when I’m not even there!” Robin laughed. “She brings the kids over to mom’s to swim in the pool all the time.” “Oh.” he dug deeper to help his wife, “Why not tell her the truth?” “What?!” Robin freaked out a little. “Just that you’re going to dinner, nothing more.” “I guess…” Henry tried to reason, “Even if she did guess what might happen, she’s open-minded. And you’ve said before that your parents used to tease you about being so clingy. This is the same thing. Just the rated R version.” he made light of the difficult situation and it eased her heart. He knew her so well she couldn’t imagine a life without him.

“Well, I should get back on the road babe,” she said. They said their goodbyes and as she left the rest stop, she never felt both so free and supported at the same time. She told herself she should be sad and guilty, but she couldn’t help but smile and dance to the radio the rest of the way to her mother’s house.


As she waited at her table for Gavin to arrive, Robin looked around the busy restaurant. She couldn’t believe how busy it was, but he did tell her it was new and seemed to be popular. Most of the patrons were couples in a wide range of ages, though most were younger than she. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” said a young blonde server as she arrive at the table, “Can I get you anything to drink while you wait?” “Oh!” gasped Robin, “I totally forgot it was Valentine’s Day.” The server just smiled and waited for a response to her question. “Sorry, water please. Thank you.” As she watched the server move towards her station, Gavin came in to view.

Robin stood up to greet him with a hug with him first producing a single red rose. “A guy by the door was selling them.” he explained, in a tone that seemed as though we was embarrassed. “That’s sweet of you, thank you.” She shrugged off the awkward moment and gave him a good squeeze. “You look really good!” She said as she sat back down. “You do too,” Gavin paused a moment as he took his seat then added “It so nice to see you again. You always look so pretty.”

Robin laughed, though she tried to take the compliment seriously. “Thank you. I got us some water,” she said as the server returned. “I’ll give you two a few minutes to look over the menu.” she smiled and rushed away to another table that needed attention. “I totally forgot it was Valentine’s Day today.” Robin said, “Sorry. Is that weird?” “No!” Gavin was happy to have the excuse to not spend the evening alone. “It’s great! I mean, it’s fine. Not weird at all. I thought it was on purpose…” Gavin trailed off, as he wondered if he had put too much thought into their reunion.

Thick silence filled the space between them despite the dull roar of the dining room as they poured over their menus. After awhile the server returned to take their order and once again disappeared into her station. “I like your shirt. Blouse.” Gavin corrected himself. Robin looked down to find far more cleavage than she was expecting to be there. “Oh, thanks.” she pulled up at the front and tried to cover herself a bit.

“What have you been up to lately?” “Mostly just working.” Gavin was disappointed that he didn’t have much to offer. “I have been going on a lot of hikes I guess,” He added, hoping it would pique her interest a little. “Fun! I need to do more of that.” Robin said, “Does anyone go with you or do you go by yourself?” she searched for a hint that maybe he had someone else in his life. She wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted this adventure to begin or end. “No.” Gavin shoulders dropped. “Maybe we could go sometime during the summer or something?” Robin suggested, but it seemed to only make things worse. “I mean, just you and me,” she added.

“Oh, uh, yeah. That would be fun.” Gavin didn’t know what to say but was rescued by the arrival of their dinner. They ate mostly in silence, only offering the occasional comment about how good their food was. After awhile Robin realized that Gavin was never going to make a move. He was just too nice. If anything were to happen, it would have to be her that started it.

“Gavin, I know this is going to sound really bad or weird or whatever, but I really want to kiss you.” Gavin nearly choked on his water. “Can I kiss you?” she asked bluntly. “Uh…” he wasn’t sure how to answer, though he knew his heart was saying yes. “Now?” she had to force the issue if she wanted results. “Okay.” he was still hesitant as he leaned forward, unblinking like a nervous teenager. Robin leaned toward him, grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into her. She melted as their lips found each other, both of them letting out a soft moan. She tested her courage by darting her tongue across his bottom lip. Caught by surprise he opened his mouth which she took as invitation, pressing more of her tongue into his mouth to duel his own.

As they broke free they took in deep breaths. They tried to avoid the eyes of the surrounding tables, which were mostly mixed with happy thoughts of watching two people enjoy each other in a public display of affection. “I, I..” Gavin searched for some sort of response that wouldn’t sound completely stupid as he smoothed his shirt.

“Can we go?” Robin asked. Now that she started, she wanted things to keep moving before either one of them backed out. “We don’t have the bill.” he tried to explain, though she offered “It couldn’t be any more than thirty dollars.” She grabbed her purse from beneath the table and pulled out two twenty dollar bills. She tossed them on the table grabbed her things and headed for the door. Stunned, Gavin grabbed his jacket, nearly toppling his chair and rushed after her.

He finally caught up with her outside in the parking lot. “Where’s your car?” she asked him frantically. “The red pickup over there.” he seemed confused and had to catch up again as she rushed off in that direction. Gavin unlocked the doors remotely once he was done fumbling with the keys and she climbed into the passengers side. Once he had closed his door she pulled him in again for a long deep kiss. This time he reciprocated with his own tongue, years of trapped passion finally getting a moment of release.

“What are we doing?” Gavin finally squeezed out, as much as it killed him to stop kissing a woman he had wanted for years. Robin couldn’t blame him. He was a good, honest man besides being attractive. It only made sense that he should want to save her from ruining her marriage. “I’m not sure,” she breathed from the darkness of the cab. “I already talked to Henry about it though.” she offered. “What?” Gavin was stunned, “Talked to him about what?” “This. Us.” she paused as she tried to find words that would be encouraging instead of dejecting.

“We didn’t really talk about what you and I might do,” she fidgeted with the buttons on her coat, and picked off stray hairs as she talked. “But he knows I need this.” “Need what?” he still wasn’t sure what was going on. “Whatever this is,” she shrugged. His heart and his mind raced but he finally felt like he was catching on. “Let’s go back to my place then.” Robin didn’t answer, but Gavin took that as her agreeing, so he started the truck and they left.

They were barely in the door of his studio apartment before their hands began tearing at each others clothing while their mouths locked and their tongues danced. Gavin’s jacket was easily removed, but the button’s on Robin’s proved to be more difficult. She slapped his hands away so that she could do it herself. She needed to be free, she needed to fly, and she wasn’t going to wait for him to let her loose. After she dropped her jacket to the floor, she undid a few buttons on her blouse then pulled it over her head. Robin then attacked Gavin, removing his shirt with force, then kissed at his bare chest as she worked the button on his jeans.

As the disrobing dance continued through the apartment, they bumped into tables and chairs, upsetting items and knocking some to the floor. Once his pants were undone Robin, slid them down to the floor along with his boxers. His anticipation and their combined efforts of lust already had him hard and wanting. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and took him into her mouth. Gavin grabbed the couch as he moaned and his legs weakened. Robin worked her tongue around the head and occasionally took him deep into her mouth, farther than he thought was even possible. Robin obviously had plenty of practice from giving her husband blowjobs, and she also clearly enjoyed the feel of a cock in her mouth.

Leaning into the couch even more, Gavin’s breathing quickened as his legs shook. Robin knew he was getting close, so she moved her mouth upward, across his stomach and chest, finding his mouth once more. He grabbed at her breasts through her bra, trying to pull them out of the cups. She pulled at her shoulder straps, slipping out her arms. It was then that he finally accomplished his task. Her hard nipples begged for attention.

Gavin pulled at the them and pinched them between his fingers making Robin whimper. “Ow! No.” she gasped, “Suck on them.” He took her into his mouth, sucking and licking one nipple and then the other. Robin grabbed a fist full of his short hair and held him in place, her head thrown back in pleasure. She looked down at him and breathed “The bed.” “Huh?” he said with a mouthful of her left tit. “Let’s go to the bed!”

The bachelor’s unmade bed was quickly stripped of the sheet and comforter by Robin. She pulled Gavin by the arm and flung him on the bed. Robin danced out of her denim skirt and panties and crawled over his body, taking his cock into her mouth again, making sure he was good and hard before they fucked. He reached for her breasts as her head bobbed up and down. “Do you have a condom?” she asked, saliva dripping to her chin as her hands pumped his dick. “My pants,” he groaned and pointed across the apartment.

“Were you planning on fucking me?” she asked as she made her way to where the pants were discarded earlier. “I had hoped!” he admitted. To him, Valentine’s Day dinner seemed like it needed to be followed by sex. “Cheeky!” Robin called as she fished in his pockets. She came back with the condom, taking it out of the packaging on the way and sliding it onto Gavin’s cock with expert skill. She straddled his body and guided him into her dripping pussy. They both moaned with pleasure as he slid into her.

“Jeezus you’re tight!” Gavin hadn’t expected that for some reason. “Just because I’m a mom and have been married for fifteen years doesn’t mean I have to be loose!” Robin put her hands on her hips, still perched on top of his cock, bra around her waist. He lay beneath her, stunned, not knowing what to say. She flashed a crooked smile and began to grind her hips into his. “Uhhn…” Gavin’s head tilted back as she worked her magic. Time and time again she showed off the techniques she had perfected over the years.

Robin hadn’t expected her orgasm to come so quickly, but the time away from her husband had obviously left a void. She needed cock. Her fingers and various dildos from her nightstand could never make up for the hot, hard flesh of a dick. She bounced with vigor on top Gavin as she dug her nails into his thighs behind her. “Oh. My. God.” she breathed as Gavin groaned and matched her orgasm with his own.

She leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead. “Thank you,” Robin said embracing him, “I needed that.” “Me too,” Gavin agreed, “That was really good.” “Ha! What did you expect?” she teased, slapping him on the chest. “I always expected you to be good.” He looked into her eyes and smiled. Years of day dreaming when they were younger never faded as they became adults and lived separate lives hundreds of miles apart.

“Can you come see me in a couple weeks?” Robin asked as she climbed off of him and made her way to the bathroom to freshen up. “Really?” Gavin was stunned. He had assumed this was a one off. “Really.” she called out. “What about Henry?” he asked. “I think he will expect it, but I will ask him if we can do it again anyways.” she leaned against the doorjamb. “You’re going to ask him if we can have sex again?” Gavin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Of course!” Robin said, “We talk about everything.” It seemed so simple to her.

“You’re really going to tell him that you cheated on him?” Gavin seemed more worried than he should be considering the situation. “Well, it’s not really cheating if you both agree to the rules, is it?” Robin asked, stepping into her panties and pulling them up. “I guess not.” he shrugged from the bed. “Besides, it was his idea!” Gavin’s mouth hung open, this certainly was both the best and most interesting Valentine’s Day gift he had ever received.


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Stories on the Train

You never know what you’re getting into when you ride the public transit system at night. Sean knew that, but it was really the best way to get home. After a few rounds at the bar where his friend’s band play a two-hour set, he floated onto the fairly crowded train. It felt like a lot of people for so late at night and there was a very interesting mix. Most of them were in their 50’s and carried lawn chairs and coolers.

Sean studied the crowd, making up stories for a few of them, wondering what sort of event they had been attending. It seemed to be some sort of outdoor concert, or at least that is what he pieced together from the words that bounced around inside the train car. At the last stop before they left the downtown area, a handful of people dressed in formal attire loudly climbed aboard as well.

The noise was a bit much after several whiskey-and-beer chasers, so Sean frowned at them from his seat as they made their way through the car. They all seemed to be lost in their mirth, as if they were the only people alive on this warm, late-Spring evening. All of them except one.

Quietly and calmly she drifted behind the party-goers, caught in their wake. Her dark skin wrapped in a burgundy satin gown that rippled as she moved. Her neck was draped with a silver necklace and pendant that nestled itself between her breasts. She wore black satin elbow-length gloves that matched the strip of fabric wrapped around her waist. She did her best to hold it up and carry her purse as they maneuvered through the legs, lawn chairs and coolers that littered the floor.

Sean hated himself for picking a group of empty seats to park himself, as this is where the group now landed with all of their chattering. Four seats for five people; their straggler left standing in the walkway. Sean stood up and offered her his seat, which she took with a polite and hushed “Thank you.”

As the train made its stops and rushed through the night, Sean was jostled around. The bouncing and jittering wouldn’t have been an issue had he not been focused on the beautiful woman he had given his seat to. She smiled at him occasionally as she caught him staring and tried to participate in the conversations of her group, but they mostly talked between themselves.

Finally the stop for the upper crust arrived and just as noisily as they arrived they departed; forgetting to say goodbye to their lonely one. Sean scoffed after them as he plopped himself down in a seat opposite her. She sighed a heavy sigh and watched the group disappear into the night, laughing and carrying on. Sean was coming down from his buzz and now tried not to be so obvious about his glances.

The train arrived at a transit center and a good portion of its passengers spilled onto the platform. Sean’s fancy companion reached into her purse, pulling out a book that she wrapped her gloved hands around as if it were a very precious item. Sean imagined it to be some romance novel or perhaps erotica by the way she seemed to hide its cover. He tried to focus on the back cover and make out some of the words but could only make out a few.

Got some kids to discipline?” Sean asked her, gesturing his head towards the book. “Excuse me?” “Your book.” he said, as she closed it and slid it back into her purse. “No, I just…” her color darkened as her skin flushed in embarrassment. “It’s no big deal,” he said. “My parents used to spank me all the time. Well, not all the time. I wasn’t a bad kid. But I think a little bit of spanking is fine.”

Now the color drained from her face as she swallowed hard. “It’s not for kids.” She mumbled to the stranger. “Not for kids?” Sean was momentarily puzzled and furrowed his brow, but then it hit him. “Oh…” He cleared his throat and repositioned himself in his seat. He couldn’t look at her now. “I -” “It’s fine,” she cut him off. “I probably shouldn’t be reading it on the train.” “I can move if you want.” Sean offered. “No, that’s silly. I only have a few more stops.” she smiled at him.

He shrugged his shoulders and offered some comfort, “I mean, that’s fine too. I guess. Spanking people.” Sean might not have been buzzed any longer but he was certainly still a bit loose mentally. “People are kids, erm kids are people. I meant adults.” She smiled at his fumbling words. “Yeah, it’s cool.” He continued to try and smooth things over.

“Have you ever been spanked?” she asked cooly, “As and adult?” “Me?” Sean turned red as he mentally chewed on the thought. “No. I don’t even know, what I mean is, what do you do, just ask someone to spank you?” “Yes. You could. Hopefully your partner would be playful enough to at least try it.” “Maybe…” he wondered if the possibility really existed with his on again-off again girlfriend.

“It’s not like you just say that out of the blue.” Sean argued after deciding his chances were slim. “Sure you can. If it’s something you want to try, you should definitely ask.” she suggested to him. “Do you spank people?” He asked. She became motionless as she considered where this conversation might be heading. “No.” came a coy reply.

“Oh. I guess I just thought…” Sean worried that he had crossed a line. Certainly spanking wasn’t a topic for strangers to discuss. “I’m usually the one being spanked,” she said quietly to her lap. The muffled voice on the speaker announced Sean’s stop. “This is me. It was nice talking to you,” he said as he got up from his seat and moved towards the doors. An internal struggle boiled inside her as the train slowed to a stop. “I can spank you!” she blurted out as the doors slid open.

He turned and looked at her in amazement as the doors slid shut again and the train started, throwing him toward her. He caught the handrail as he stumbled as she instinctively reached out to catch him, her hands finding purchase on his hips. He now stood with his crotch very close to her face. She cleared her throat and dropped her hands as she tried not to stare at the place where his manhood rested.

“Thanks for catching me!” Sean laughed. “Yeah…” she was still trying to break her focus, “of course!” Sean sat down again, and shrugged his shoulders “It’s a ways before the next stop.” “I didn’t mean to -” “It’s cool!” he cut her off, then there was silence.

“My stop is next.” she murmured. “Hmm?” “If you want to go home with me.” again she couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. Maybe it was the champagne. “Oh!” Sean shifted in his seat, “Yeah. Okay.” “Really?” again she was caught off guard. She was so used to being forgotten or left behind that she couldn’t believe that things were just falling into place.

The train operator announced the stop as the train slowed to a stop. Sean stood up and offered his hand to the burgundy lady. She took it and they stepped out onto the platform. She began walking in the direction of her loft nearly leaving him behind. “Hey! Wait up!” he called, laughing as he hurried to her side. Her head spun as she fought her insecurities. She knew if things didn’t happen fast she’d find herself wanting to back out despite her desires.

She stopped dead as she thought of her next move. “What is it? Did you change your mind?” Sean asked. Instead of answering she stepped out of her heals, bent down to pick them up, took his hand and rushed onward, pulling him behind. They got to her building and stepped up to the elevator. She frantically pushed the call button, sighing loudly in frustration. Finally the elevator arrived with a ding and the doors slid open.

She pushed the “close doors” then the one for her floor. Sean started “I -” “Shut up.” she spat. She didn’t want any reason to stop what had begun. He stood there, stunned. Looking at her, wondering what he had gotten himself into. They arrived at her floor and the doors slid open. “C’mon.” she ordered, grabbing his hand again and pulling him down the hall to her door. She dug in her purse, retrieved the key, then fumbled with the lock.

She opened the door finally, slipped inside and slammed it behind her leaving him on the other side. Before Sean could open his mouth in protest, she flung it open again grabbed his hand, pulled him inside and slammed the door again.

“Take off your pants.” she ordered. “Okay…” he said as he undid his pants. “Don’t talk, just do as your told.” She had no idea where this version of herself came from, but she wasn’t going to stop her. Not now. She needed to see herself win for once. “Boxers too.” she demanded as he finished stepping out his pants. Sean was slow to slide his boxers down, revealing himself to woman whose name he didn’t even know. “Hurry up!”

His cock bounced around as he tried to hurry but retain some dignity. “Go to my bed.” She pointed in the direction she wanted him to go, a king-sized plush piece with lots of pillows. It was situated so that one could see out the floor-to-ceiling window looking out onto the city.

Sean stood beside the bed and waited for his next command. “Bend over.” He put his hands on his knees, looking more like he was in a huddle than preparing for a spanking. “On the bed!” she said, a touch of anger in her voice as she pushed him forward. His pale ass glowed in the soft light of the city outside. She admired his curves; the way his balls hung between his legs, his resting cock just on the other side.

“Are you ready?” she asked. Sean nodded, his faced buried in the bedding. Her hand still wrapped in the satin gloves cut through the air and struck his ass with a satisfying smack. Her lips twisted into a smile as she felt power and pleasure build within her. He remained motionless as he waited for another blow. He didn’t have to wait long as she gave him another slap, then another, and another.

A few minutes passed and Sean’s ass began to deepen in color, while he shifted his feet. Now with each smack came a stroke, a reassuring touch, she now longed to grasp that which held her attention on the train, but she fought her desires and instead gave him another command.

“Take off your shirt.” Sean slid it over his head as he still rested his top half on the bed. “Now sit in my chair.” He stood up and looked about the dark room for the chair she was referring to. It stood in the corner, accompanied by a small table with a few books and a lamp on its surface. He eased himself into the chair as his ass burned from the recent attack.

“Turn on the lamp.” she said. Sean obeyed and squinted as the soft light poured across his body. He could no longer see her in the darkness of the room, but he knew that he didn’t need to. She sat on the edge of the bed and gave him another task. “I want you to masturbate for me.”

Sean began to pull and massage his flaccid cock, enticing it to grow in his hands. He closed his eyes as he tried to lose himself in the moment and enjoy the sense of security that she gave him. The direction, the purpose. Soon his cock was erect as his hands slid up and down it shaft. He moaned softly in his self pleasure and she knew he was arriving at his climax.

“Come on your chest.” she called from across the room. Sean gave into himself and rode the wave that was building. He held his breath then grunted as hot cum spurted onto his chest and stomach. He worked his cock until he was finished, fluid squishing between his fingers and down his shaft, creating tiny bubbles and quite the mess. He caught his breath, eyes closed and listened to the night.

A rustle of soft fabric came from across the room, then moments later a soft touch on either of Sean’s bare knees. Her glove-clad hands, spread his legs gently apart as she slid her now naked body between them. Her hot breath could be felt on his chest as breasts pushed into his dripping cock and tight balls. Gently she kissed and licked his skin, cleaning up the mess he had made. When she was done, she stood up, removed her gloves and made her way to the bathroom to clean up what cum remained on her breasts. Sean finally dared to open his eyes and was rewarded with the sight of her dark beautiful round ass as she walked away.


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Today, August 1, 2013 marks my 3 year blogiversary! It has been a very interesting three years. I’ve written roughly 1,350 posts. My blog has been viewed over 4,000 times, the best ever being 104 in one day. Around 300 comments have been left on my blog, all of which I am grateful for. I’ve shut my blog down (briefly) a couple times and have been shut down once by WordPress (knock on wood).

To date, there are seven categories for you to select – Commentary (where i speak frankly), Cooking (which I’ve barely touched), Erotica (my very amateurish attempt), Haiku’s (a favorite of mine), Photography (the world as I see it), Poetry (the bulk of my content, includes Haiku’s), and Reviews (which has been deactivated until I have something more specific to talk about. I used to do toy reviews, but that has since gone by the wayside).

There are approximately 1,300 tags here to help people find what they are looking for. Some of the most popular being butt, cock, flowerhaiku, love, naked, poetry, pussy, sea and sex. Some of the most popular search terms that people have used to find my blog are “panitless,” “handjob,” “horny beatniks,” and “beatnik pussy.” The most fun (in my opinion) are “fellatio haiku,” “pantiless sexual parties,” “landlord sees her naked” (see Room for Rent), “best island girls threesomes ever,” “poem her ass was like an onion,” and “beatniks men nude” (maybe I should look into expanding this one… ).

Thank you all so much for joining on this journey. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world. I have also chatted with some really great bloggers. You’re all very kind and I appreciate you. Thank you for staying tuned.

The Beat.


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April Fool’s

Book Club met once a month, rotating between the homes of the participants. Among them were my wife of eleven years Lauren, her BFF Gina from high school, a workmate of hers Carla, her sister Ryanne and mother Margaret, Miranda – a widow of two years and her recent high school graduate Jenny. It wasn’t intended to be a group composed entirely of women, but that was how it ended up and was likely to stay that way. Between the women their ages ranged from eighteen to late 60’s.

Generally speaking they met on the first Monday of every month. The March meeting had already passed and April was fast approaching. Emails and text messages were starting to go out making plans for the next event. We were to host, so my wife’s phone was constantly buzzing that week as things were being ironed out. We were lounging on the sofa watching some standup on the television when an idea popped into my wife head.

“Oh my god, did you know the book club is meeting on April Fool’s Day?” Lauren said, grabbing my arm. “Hmm? Oh, that’s cool.” I never was one to really make use of the day. A few pranks had been played on me when I was younger that weren’t easy to forgive or forget, so I usually just avoided the notion every year. “I should play a prank on the girls.” she said excitedly. “Really? Like what?” Often times I was part of the inspiration for her involvement in the events; baking deserts or composing salads, but I really didn’t want to volunteer for this one.

“I don’t know what prank to play.” She bit at her bottom lip and she tried to think of something. “Help me!” she paused the action on the screen to force me into giving her more attention. “No way! You know I don’t like April Fool’s Day. You’re on your own with this one. I’ll cook and clean for you, but I am not planning a prank.” “C’mon! It’ll be fun! You like the girls.” I groaned and tried to reach for the remote that she promptly kept out of my reach.

“Fine,” I said, “How about we put food coloring in all the food. Make it all sorts of random colors.” “Ew, no! There is always food left over anyways and who wants to eat dyed food?” she said. “Well, I don’t know! Play the show, please.” I whined at her hoping that she would just let me be. She flopped around on the sofa and turned away from me to pout as she picked up the remote and pressed play. I felt bad for not helping, but only a little. Pranks can back fire, something I knew first-hand.

“What book are you reading anyways?” I asked as the comedian on the screen struggled through some high-brow jokes. Lauren took in a huge, excited breath as she bounced up and down on the sofa clapping her hands. “That’s perfect!” “What is?” I frowned at her. I was more disappointed in myself for inspiring her prank idea than I was with her disrupting my comfortable position on the sofa by her bouncing.

“We can tell the girls that you are going to spank them!” she giggled as she played drums on my out stretched legs. “WHAT?! No way! What the fuck kind of book are you reading?” I sat up, shocked at her including me on something so crazy. “Fifty Shades of Grey.” She dismissed the title and jumped back into her scheming, “All the girls will be here and I will tell them that – that in order to get us more immersed in the characters, you are going to give us all a proper spanking!” “Are you crazy?” I stared at her, wide-eyed.

“And then what?” I frowned. Her wheels were turning as the prank began to boil. “And then you come downstairs wearing your pinstripe suit and act like you are really going to do it. Then right when they all start getting nervous you say ‘April Fool’s!'” It wasn’t as bad as the conclusions I was jumping to but still worse than what I wanted to be involved in. “I don’t know, honey.” “They all think you’re nice – and cute. They like you. It’ll be fun!” She tried to sweet talk me, something that rarely worked.

“I don’t think they like me enough to want me to spank them. Besides, some of them are married. Don’t you think their husbands would have something to say about that.” I asked, trying to reason with her. “Babe, you’re not actually going to spank them.” “I know, but what if they go home and tell their guys that I was going to. It’s just as bad.” To me it really wasn’t a safe plan. “You worry too much, Doug. It will be fine.” I didn’t like how she wasn’t taking my arguing as a “no.”

“I’m not doing it.” I said defiantly. “What’s there to do? All you do is put on a suit, come downstairs and say ‘April Fool’s.’ It’s easy. I will do all the rest.” She obviously wasn’t going to give up. “Let’s talk about this later.” I said. I needed more time to come up with a better argument. “Fine.” She said picking up the remote. “It’ll work out just great. I promise.”

Later never came. We were busy with our lives beyond book Club and then getting ready for their get-together and before we knew it, it was Monday, April 1st. As I finished up plating some food Laren flew into the kitchen. “I’ll get the rest of this, Love. You get up stairs and put your suit on.” I dropped food on the counter in shock. “You can’t be serious!” “Of course I am! We talked about this.” she said as she cleaned up after me and tried to push me out the door.

“We never finished talking about it!” I called out. Lauren grabbed some platters and rushed towards the stairs to the finished basement. “Just get up stairs and get dressed, they will be here any minute.” I plodded up the stairs as I thought of every possible thing that could go wrong. Like a robot I changed my clothes, slid my t-shirt over my head letting it fall to the floor of the bedroom. Pulling my cell phone out of my pocket, I tossed it on the bed as the screen flashed that I had a message. My jeans dropped to the floor as I stepped out of them and made my way to the closet.

My phone buzzed again as I snapped back to reality. Standing there in my boxer-briefs, I suddenly realized I was very much turned on by the thought of spanking a group of women. My erect penis made an embarrassing bulge as it strained to free itself. Absentmindedly I set it free and stroked its shaft, picking up the phone from the bed. The first message read “It’ll be fine, don’t worry!” The second, “They’re starting to show up, I’ll text you when it’s time.” I looked down at my hand wrapped around my cock. “Fuck. This isn’t going to go well at all.”

I was cinching up the knot in my black silk tie when my cell buzzed on the vanity. “Show time! xoxo” it said. I left out a great sigh and headed for the door. As I gripped its knob something caught my eye. Hanging on the wall was a cricket bat that had a mountain scene burned into it. A small voice inside my head prompted me to grab the bat as the rest of me failed to fight it off. This would certainly hit a home run for Lauren’s game.

As I neared the base of the stairs I heard Lauren wrapping up my introduction. “…and to get us all more immersed into the book and help us understand the characters better, Doug has offered to give us all a spanking!” There were murmurs and giggling following her sentence that immediately stopped when I came into view. I looked like a hitman from the mob as I stood there in my suit, the bat hanging from my right hand.

“Who’s first?” I asked in a commanding voice that I hadn’t used in years. My eyes burned down the line of women as I looked for the slightest flinch that would urge me to reveal the joke. Nobody budged. I cleared my throat in feigned irritation and bounced the bat off the palm of my other hand a few times. “Well?” I tried not to look at Lauren as I knew I would crack if I did.

“Fine. If nobody will volunteer then I will have to pick.” All of the women still stared at me in stunned silence. “Gina.” I growled at my wife’s BFF as I pointed to her with the bat on the end of my outstretched arm, “you will go first.” I figured she would be a safe victim to lure into the joke as she would be the most likely to not be offended at being selected for me to spank.

Gina stood up and walked towards me. “Grab the chair.” I commanded as I motioned with my head to the direction of a desk. She walked over to the chair and placed her hands upon the hard wooden back. “Bring it here.” I made another attempt to sound irritated as I pointed to an empty space in the middle of the room. Gina drug the heavy chair behind her to the place in front of the other women.

“Get on the chair.” Again Gina obeyed, climbing atop the chair and watching me intently, wondering how serious I was. “On your knees!” I almost yelled as she startled and quickly turned around and pushed her ass out in my direction, but then that small voice in my head spoke up again, this time its words becoming my own. “No…” I glared at her, “Pull down your pants.” Alarms went off in my head screaming “what are you doing?!”

Gina blushed and timidly spoke up as she undid her button and began to slowly reveal her pale ass. “Can you use your hand please? I’m afraid of the paddle.” The group of seated women were wide-eyed. Some had the hands to their chest or mouth. Lauren stood there with her mouth hanging open and finally moved once all of Gina’s naked bottom was visible.

“April Fool’s!” Lauren yelled, scaring the book club half to death. Gina quickly pulled up her pants, more from being startled than from embarrassment. She had completely forgotten about her group of voyeurs. The women laughed nervously and teased each other that they thought it was real. “Good one, Lauren!” someone called. “Oh thank god!” another sighed heavily.

“Well ladies, thank you for letting me play a prank on you,” I said politely, now slightly embarrassed for letting myself get out of control with women I barely knew. “If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go climb out of this monkey suit.” I turned to head back up the stairs when someone blurted out “Hey! Wait! I want a turn!”

“Jenny!” her mother immediately scolded. The youngest member of the book club had the courage to say aloud what several others were keeping to themselves. I paused on the stairs to look back at them. Lauren was caught off guard just as much as I was, “Really?” she asked in disbelief. We had tried spanking earlier in our relationship and discovered she didn’t much care for it; not enough to repeat it anyways.

“Yeah. C’mon, we were all just talking about wondering what it would be like. Now’s our chance!” Her youthful optimism was charming as she looked around the room for someone to agree with her. Most of the women avoided eye contact with her or with me. Finally the matriarch, Margaret stood up, “Nobody needs to see my old naked ass,” she announced. She looked to her two daughters to see which would be her ride home. Neither one moved as they struggled with the opportunity they had been presented with.

“Miranda, take me home.” She gave Jenny’s mother an escape that she cautiously accepted. I still stood on the stairs as they walked past; the matriarch chuckled and patted me on the back. Miranda looked to me with pleading eyes. I nodded in understanding that her daughter was to be handled, no, paddled with care.

“Anyone else leaving?” I asked as I came down from my perch. I looked to my wife, wondering if she would put an end to it all. Part of me wished that she would as I feared getting carried away and doing more than just spanking. It was a wonder that none of them noticed the bulge in my pants. All of the women in the book club were attractive but they were also Lauren’s friends.

“I just want to watch,” Lauren said as she drifted over to the couch. That settles that then, I thought to myself. I looked down the line of four women that I would be spanking. All of them waited for my mark. “Gina?” I called and she slowly rose from her place on the couch, “Where were we?” She smiled and undid her jeans as she walked over to the chair that was waiting in the middle of the room.


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The Layover Conclusion

Twenty minutes had passed when a light knocking came from the hotel door. Maggi downed her glass of red wine and headed to the entry way of the penthouse suite. She peered through the peephole to find James coyly waiting on the other side. “Who is it?” Maggi sang, fishing for a response that would guide her next move. “Uh, me. James.” He stammered. “I forgot my key. Can I come in?” “It’s your room, honey…” She talked through the door still, making him wait. Maggi was happy to have received a request for entry instead of a demand.

“Well, are you decent?” He asked. She could hear it now. He was treading lightly, afraid to be too forward, letting her make the moves. Maggi unlocked the door and swung it wide. “Depends on what you mean by decent.” She stood in the doorway wearing one of his shirts, the top three buttons undone, leaving a great deal of cleavage. The bottom of the shirt barely dangled past the junction of her smooth thighs.

James stood there with his mouth hanging open. Finally he managed to get a few words out, “You, uh. That’s my… You look…” “You said I could wear whatever I wanted. Should I not wear your shirt?” Maggi started to undo the remaining buttons slowly. He reached out and stopped her hands then proceeded to undo the buttons himself, slowly, hands shaking a little. Once the shirt was open he slid his hands around Maggi’s waist to the small of her back and pulled her to him. Her now exposed breasts pressed against his shirt. “You look incredible,” he whispered. Her hands drifted up to either side of his face as she pressed her lips against his.

“Thank you.” She breathed as their lips broke contact. A bulge had began to press against her mid section which caused Maggi to smile. “Well, you’re easily excited,” she teased. “Yes,” James blushed, “but I’ve been picturing you naked since you stopped next to me on the plane. I couldn’t even look at you without getting turned on.” Maggi laughed “Ha! I bet you say that to all the women.” “I might if they were all as extraordinary and sexy as you.” James said, “You’re so classically beautiful-” “Hey!” she said defensively, “I took an art class in college I know what you mean by that.” Maggi pouted. “What do I mean?” he quizzed her. “That I have… an abundance of curves.”

“So what? Think about it.” James now held her at arms length and traced the contours of one breast. “From an artist’s perspective, curves are far more interesting. And fun.” Maggi melted under his touch as his fingers traced their way down her belly to the top of her panties. Two fingers slipped under the waistband and slid around the back as he pulled her towards her again. James slid his hand into her hair and pulled her head towards him so that he could kiss her. As their lips pressed together, the two fingers in the waistband became a hand that soon cupped her ass cheek.

Maggi moaned and breathed heavily as their tongues darted across each other’s lips. James broke away suddenly and turned his head towards the elevator. “Shit!” he spat. “What is it?” she asked as the sound of the elevator slowed and stopped at their floor. “Room service.” He said as the door dinged and slid open. James spun around and blocked her mostly naked body with his as a young man wheeled a cart into the room. “Sir?” the young man hesitated. “That’s fine, thank you.” James said to him. It was fairly obvious to tell that he had interrupted something and he tried his best not to stare at the hard-on in James’s pants.

As the young man stepped back into the elevator and pressed the door button, Maggi slid a hand around James’s waist and sunk it into the front of his pants. “I think he wants your cock.” She whispered as she took him into her hand. The young man’s eyes grew wide as saucers as the door finally closed. “Geezus!” James said as he pulled her hand out and turned to reprimand her. Maggi giggled and ran back into the penthouse but wasn’t quick enough to escape a swift slap on her ass. “You’re a trouble maker!” he called after her.

James pushed the cart into the room and closed the door. “Champagne?” Maggi asked. “Yes.” James said, “but I’m not sure you should have any.” “Why not?” she asked as she brushed the shirt aside and placed her hands on her hips to pout, exposing her breasts once again. “That wasn’t a nice thing to do to that poor boy. Now he won’t be able to focus all night.” “You’re right, I’ve been bad.” she said as she moved towards the cart. His grip tightened on the neck of the bottle, the muscles in his forearm tensing. Maggi knew she wouldn’t win this battle so she changed her tactic. “Spank me. And then let me have some champagne.”

“Okay. Sounds fair.” James said. He began rolling up his sleeves, indicating that he was going to take her self-prescribed punishment seriously. “Really?!” Maggi was taken aback. She hadn’t expected him to take her up on it, she thought he’d just cave in. “It was your idea,” James said “You can’t back out now.”

He took her by the wrist and led her to the dining area. “Bend over.” James said, pulling the chairs out from the heavy, dark wooden table. Maggi slowly leaned on the table, watching him with wide eyes, waiting for him to break. “No, I want you to lay on the table.” She obeyed his command and bent over further until her torso was flat on the table, her arms folded under her head.

“Now reach back here and-” “You want me to hold on to the edge?” Maggi interrupted. “First, I want you to pull down your panties.” Her hands slowly made their way towards her backside. Maggi’s thumbs slipped into the waistband and inch by inch her pale, round ass was revealed. “Now hold on to the edge.” James commanded.

As soon as she grasped the edge of the table, white-hot pain exploded from her left ass cheek. “Holy shit!” Maggi yelped as she turned her face to glare at James. His muscles tensed as he wound up internally. Her eyes squeezed shut as she prepared for another blow. A loud crack echoed in the large space of the penthouse as his hand met the right side of her bottom.

Only a few seconds passed as James fired off several slaps to each cheek in rapid succession. Maggi’s eyes watered as she continued to hold tightly to the edge. There was a long pause as James moved across the room and returned with the popping of the champagne bottle. She was expecting the lip of the bottle to meet those below her now rosy cheeks, entry would be easy as she was soaked from all the attention.

Instead of plunging it into her pussy, James poured the cool, bubbly liquid on her ass taking out some of the heat left by his hands. As the champagne ran down Maggi’s legs, soaking and pooling in her panties, his hand met it and slid up until it met her pussy. James cupped his hand against her skin holding some of the drink there as it bubbled and fizzed.

James poured a glass for the two of them then helped Maggi up from the table. “Have you ever been spanked before?” he asked her. Instead of responding with words, she flew towards him, kissing his mouth and tearing at his shirt buttons. Once Maggi was able to undo them all she pushed it from James’s shoulders then removed her borrowed one. Their bare chests pressed together, skin hot with lust. James guided her as they danced their way to the sofa. He then eased Maggi into its cushions, then knelt before her to remove her soaked undergarments. As it fell from her out stretched leg James kissed his way up her thigh until he reached her pussy. With a broad, flat tongue he licked her, taking in the sweet drink that clung to her skin and that which was her own.

“Oh god!” Maggi exhaled as James sucked and licked at her pussy. He slid one long finger inside her and matched the rhythm of his tongue. A second finger joined the first as James put pressure on her clit. Like a high precision machine he worked his hand and mouth opposite each other in perfect timing. Maggi’s body tensed as she reached orgasm, soaking his hand with ejaculate. James slowed his hand movements as he kissed his way up her abdomen. He found Maggi’s mouth with his, and lovingly brought her down from the ledge. Once she felt like she could move again, Maggi fumbled at James’s pants. She unbuttoned them and slid them down along with his boxer briefs.

With his cock in one hand she guided him to her waiting pussy. Maggi’s previous orgasm allowed James’s thick, hard member to slide inside with ease. She pulled his body in to hers as she took all of him in. James pulled back slowly the plowed into her with force as she caught her breath. He repeatedly drove his cock into her, their bodies slapping together each time. As James neared his arrival he pulled out and sprayed his cum upon her soft belly. Maggi took hold of his pulsing cock and teased the rest of James’s cocktail from it. When he could take no more he collapsed onto the sofa beside her. They caught their breath as they leaned on each other, admiring the body next to them. Their smiles and laughter were greeted by the sun breaking over the skyline of the city and into the penthouse suite.

After a short time and some small talk James cleaned up the mess he had made. He got dressed and made his way downstairs to retrieve Maggi’s dress. Following suit he tipped both the laundry service worker and the shy young man that had brought up the room service. Once back up stairs James helped Maggi dress, then they took a car to the airport. As they rode, they held hands and talked about the day ahead of them and what tomorrow would bring. It just so happened that James had an gallery opening in a city neighboring Maggi’s in the next month. They didn’t exchange numbers but she vowed to stop by and meet the artist.

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