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The Kill

Swift arrow took the beast
Yet when it flew from its string
Time slowed to almost nothing
A heavy sound as it found purchase
Brought time back to normal
Sorrow mixed with victory
As the hunter surveyed his kill
Beauty taken surrounded by beauty
A necessary evil to sustain life
Dragging the carcass to his cave
He turned back only to find
The body he drug was his own

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The Black Number

The black went on forever
Time and space forgotten
An eternity that began
Where my hands and fingers
Touched the fabric
Hugging her curves

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Live and let live

Caught in a battle
Between sun and moon
When no fight is needed
Simply agree
To let the ocean live
And bring forth life
To the world

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Dogs will bite
Flowers wilt and die
Winter always comes
Bringing ice and death


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The Road to El Dorado

Stumbling in the wilderness
The trees weaving a labyrinth
Each stone, each fallen log
Same as the last
Where is the road to civilization?
And is it paved or covered in mud?

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Forest Fire

Was I ever living?
Asked the tree of himself
Thinking back over the years
Watching the wildlife pass by
Only now aware, engulfed in flame
Hoping to give birth
To a legacy

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