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Weigh Anchor

How can you send a ship to sea
When you know her sail has holes
How can you plant a flower garden
When you know the ground has moles

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Parting Clouds

Heaven can be found
Parting clouds with gentle kiss
Whispers bring the rain

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Starting with your heart
I undressed you with my eyes
Ending with your smile

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Did I build you up too high
Or dig myself too low
No longer can I reach you
That is all I know


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Red Bush



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Play Things

She plays with him
Like a yo-yo
Letting him go
Then pulling him back
It’s the tug at the bottom
That hurts the most
Not the drop
And yet it’s automatic
After awhile
It seems to happen
On its own
She has little control
Someone new
Sees not a toy
But a treasure
One that ought not
To be dropped
When the new hand
Held him
His eyes were opened

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At Sea

Tell me, love
Upon the wind
When I am lost at sea
Which direction
I should sail
To feel less crazy
Touch me, dear
As I sleep
Help my heart to heal
Whisper to me
In my dreams
And tell me you are real
Take me, babe
Into your arms
When I am on your shore
Give everything
That I have missed
All of that and more


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