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Like a glacier in reverse
His hands run up her legs
Slowly making their way
Eons between tip and origin
Ridges of his fingerprints
Creating an uphill flow
Clinging to the edge
Her chair a mighty precipice
He’s melting her body
An unndeniable global warming
Then the cataclysmic splash
As she falls to the sea

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Tortoise and the Hare

Here’s a story you might not know
About the tortoise and the hare
One where the rabbit is full of life
And the tortoise seems not to care

The hare leaps around the meadow
Collecting flowers for his friend
While the tortoise sits about for hours
And contemplates the end

Ever pleading is the rabbit
Calling him out to play
And yet the turtle sits by his rock
Worrying about the day

Whenever the tortoise has an itch
The hare is quick to jump
But hard-shelled gent is just too busy
To be anything but a bump

Seasons pass just as fast
As the hare could hope to go
The tortoise sees the world spin by
Wishing it’d go slow

Finally the time has come
When tortoise wants to play
He feels he’s seen everything
His shell is turning gray

The tortoise searches for his friend
He wants to let him know
But nowhere can the hare be found
He stopped jumping long ago

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The Layover pt.3

Once they finished their meal, James and Maggi made their way to the front of the airport and hailed a taxi. James gave the driver the address and they sped off towards their destination. It wasn’t until now, as Maggi stared down at the flowers in the drinking glass, that she knew nothing of his situation.

“Don’t you have any bags or anything?” she asked. “I sent them on ahead of me.” came his reply as he watched the sights roll by. “To where?” Maggi asked. “To my hotel,” James replied. He almost seemed irritated with what was meant to be small chat.

Maggi ignored his disinterest, deciding it was better to understand this man now than to possibly perturb him. “Did your flight get cancelled like mine” she asked. “No.” “Did you miss it?” she questioned further. “No, I’m staying here for a few days,” he said, not once turning from the window.

They had arrived at their destination. James took her hand and helped her out of the yellow car then payed and tipped the driver. They stood before a mostly dark gallery. The doors were unlocked as Maggi trailed behind him wondering what could possibly be his motive for bringing her here.

A young woman behind a reception counter smiled at them but said nothing; even to Maggi’s polite “Good evening!” They simply made their way towards the pieces on display where James ushered her forward.

Hanging on the walls were numerous brightly colored paintings. The subject of each wasn’t very apparent but every once in awhile you got the feeling that you knew what you were looking at, yet couldn’t put a finger on it.

Maggi wandered through the gallery, stopping briefly before the ones that struck a particular chord with her. Finally she paused for ten minutes before a larger one with broad gashes of red paint broken by long curving, brilliant-blue pinstripes.

“Do you like this one?” came James’s smooth voice from behind her. Maggi had forgotten all about him as she took in the colors. “I don’t know,” she answered as she contemplated its meaning. “It sort of feels familiar but not like I’ve ever seen it before. More like I SAID it once. Know what I mean?” “Yes.” James replied.

“It’s too bad you can be here for the opening tomorrow.” James said as they walked back to the front of the gallery. “Oh that would be fun! I’ve done that a few times. It’s pretty cool to get to meet the artist and stuff.” Maggi said. As they passed the reception desk and opened the door to go out, the young woman looked up and said “Goodnight James.”

“Does she know you?” Maggi asked once outside. “No.” James replied stepping to the curb to hail a cab. “She knows who I am though.” “Who are you?” she asked, completely befuddled. “I’m the artist,” James said with a wink as he opened the car door of the taxi that had screeched to a halt in front of them. “After you, Maggi.”

to be continued

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The Layover pt.2

Once inside the airport James wandered through the concourse until he found a shoe shining station. He obviously wasn’t the business type that usually occupied the space but he still had the desire to look nice from head to toe. As he sat there while the young foreigner made his living he saw Maggi amble by. She had far less wind in her sails than she did when he first laid eyes on her that afternoon.

Maggi drifted down the concourse until it made a corner and then she was gone. Once James’ shoes were nicely polished, he tipped the man well and made off in that direction. He finally found her at the bar of a dimly lit restaurant. He could tell from the shape her body made that something was wrong. He turned around and went back the way he had came just as she turned around to watch the weary travelers trickle by. Her heart skipped a beat at the glimpse of her in -flight companion.

Ten minutes later as she sat staring into the brightly colored martini in front of her, a bouquet of flowers appeared next to Maggi. “Happy birthday.” James said, holding out the flowers for her to take. Maggi just sat there on the bar stool with her mouth hanging open. James set the flowers down on the counter, sat down himself and motioned to the bartender. “Whiskey, please.”

“Oh my god these flowers are gorgeous! Thank you so much!” Maggi gushed. “They’re alright. Can’t get much at the airport. I’m glad you like them though.” James said as he sipped his drink. “How did you know it was my birthday?” She was starting to become overwhelmed by the gesture and the events of the evening.

“You told me.” James said cooly as he guided her from her perch to a small table in the middle of the dining area. “Two menus, please.” he said to a passing server. James pulled out her chair and helped her scoot in then sat across from her. “What? When?” Maggi asked. “On the plane. Three waters,” he said as the menus arrived. “Three?” she asked. “One for your flowers,” he said with a wink.

“What are you in the mood for?” James asked. Maggi blushed a little as she tried to find something to say. Her thoughts weren’t on food but the stranger across from her that was pushing all the right buttons. The waters arrived and James thanked the person then took several drinks from one glass. He then removed the plastic cellophane from the flowers, placed the stems in the glass and fanned out the flowers making them into a presentation.

“Well?” James asked. “They look amazing!” Maggi replied. “Not the flowers. Dinner.” he said gesturing to the menus laying on the table. “Oh!” she exclaimed, “I’m not very hungry.” “Really?” He raised a quizzical eyebrow. Maggi looked at the folded card board and traced the letters of the restaurant’s name with her fingers.

“You know that I’m buying you dinner, right?” James asked, frowning a bit. “No! You don’t have to do that- ” “No, I don’t.” he interrupted, “But I would like to.” “Why?” Maggi asked. She’d never been treated so generously by a stranger. “For your birthday,” he said matter-of-factually. “But you already gave me flowers and- ” “and now I’m buying you dinner. If you’re really not hungry, that’s fine. I am. Please join me so that I don’t feel like a pig.” He smiled at her as he argued his generosity.

“Alright,” Maggi agreed, picking up her menu. They both ordered the steak, his medium well, hers medium. “Where to from here, Maggi?” James asked. “I don’t know,” she said sadly “they cancelled my flight and the next one out isn’t until in the morning. They gave me a voucher for a room but I don’t have any of my things. I had to switch flights in Dallas and everything went on a different flight. I don’t have my glasses or a change of clothes or anything!”

“Do you have contacts?” James asked, redirecting the conversation slightly. “Yes,” she said “but I can’t wear them all night. And they really should be in some solution. Which I also don’t have.” Maggi was breaking down again.

“Do you like art?” James asked, changing the subject completely. “Yeah, I guess so.” she said tentatively. “I know somewhere we can go once we’re done here,” he said. “Okay…” Maggi wasn’t sure she trusted James enough to leave with him, but then again he had done nothing but impress her so far.

to be continued

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The more of your skin that I see
The more that I want it to be
Pressed next to mine
Our bodies entwined
Lost on a mattress at sea

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The Layover pt.1

He was browsing through the SkyMall catalog found in the seat pocket in front of him when she stepped through the door and into the cabin. She was wearing a knee-length, pink polka-dotted dress and a white cardigan. As she passed the flight attendant she smiled and relocated her sunglasses to the top of her head bringing her dark brown hair back behind her ears. She squinted as she tried to peer down the cabin and locate her seat from a distance; a futile effort.

As she made her way down the aisle his eyes remained fixed on her body. He was seated near the back of the aircraft so there was plenty of time to take her in. As she got closer he slid his sunglasses over his eyes so that he could continue to be a voyeur without being so obvious. She stopped, glanced at the ticket in her hand, then started moving again slowly as if she might pass up her seat. Finally she stopped beside him.

He was pretending to focus on the electric fuzzy slippers on the page when in reality he was admiring her legs. They were freshly shaved that morning, smooth like satin and framed by a pair of red flats below. “Need some slippers?” she teased. “What? No! Uh, I was just – they have the craziest things in here, huh?” he stammered back. She smiled at him as he looked up, his eyes tracing her curves on their way. “I’m the window.”

“What?” he was unable to focus on her words as he looked into her eyes. “The window,” she pointed to the seat next to him. Still he just sat there staring through his dark glasses. She tried to rephrase it, “That’s my seat there.” “Oh! Jeez. Sorry!” he stood up quickly and banged his head on the overhead luggage compartment. The jolt caused his sunglasses to fall off, which he caught as he moved swiftly out of her way. Despite hitting his head, his movements were like water; fluid and deliberate.

“Oh my god are you okay?” she asked, putting her hand to his head. Despite his height he was easy to reach due to the low ceiling. “Yeah.” he said in a tone as if it were a silly question. He motioned her into the seat with an upturned hand which she took in hers, mistaking his urging as a gentlemanly gesture. “Thank you!” she said politely as she sat down. “You’re welcome,” he replied without missing a beat.

He sat next to her, his long, blue jean-clad legs pressing into the seat in front. “Not much room for a tall guy like you, is there?” she asked. He had returned to his SkyMall. “Hmm? Oh, yeah. No there’s never enough room for me.” he replied. “They have those in your size?” He was still stuck on the fuzzy slippers page. “I don’t think so, they just list women’s sizes.” She turned to the window to avoid his lack of interest in chatting. The ramp crew busied themselves outside, preparing the aircraft for departure.

“It’s my birthday today.” she said; more to the window than the tall stranger beside her. He mumbled something back that could have been a “happy birthday,” but when she turned to him he had his eyes closed and head back, ear buds humming softly in his ears. She gave up on trying to make conversation and watched the world roll by outside as they taxied to the runway.

Without anything to do on the two hour flight she slipped into a light sleep. Her head tipped over and rested on his shoulder. He had been awake the whole time listening to the rhythms and beats purring from his iPod. He glanced at the napping woman and smiled slightly then returned to his meditation. She stirred slightly when an announcement came across the overheard that the connecting flight had been cancelled, causing most of the cabin to groan. It wasn’t until the landing gear whined as they dropped from their hiding place that she woke from her slumber.

“Sorry.” she said sleepily as she yawned. “It’s fine. They don’t pass out pillows any more, so I guess I’m the next best thing.” “You’re right about tha – eep!” she was cut off as the aircraft suddenly dropped as the pressure outside changed. She grabbed his arm instinctively and shut her eyes. A warm, strong hand rested on top of hers, causing her to forget the brief threat on her life. The bumps and sudden braking of landing were hardly noticeable to her as she soaked up his calm presence.

As the aircraft parked and people prepared to disembark, the two strangers finally introduced themselves. “It has been nice sitting next to you…” she began. “James. And your company was delightful…” “Maggi.” “Thank you, Maggi. Safe travels.” The two then made their way separately to the front of the cabin.

to be continued…

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Through his stomach
She found a way
Though never was she
Now in the halls
Of his growing mind
She’s lurking
Like a labyrinth
Lost in his thoughts
She stumbles through
The puzzle
Briefly found
In warm embrace
In neck and shoulder
Will she ever
Finally free
The heart’s wild
And longing beast
With mighty roar
He takes her down
Great passion now


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