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Tin Can Voyeur

Draped in silence
The deep, dark blue
Above me a ballet
Rainbow of color
Flash of light
Below a coarse bed
Solid as rock
Fluid as the wind
She is out there
Singing her song
Tending her garden
I am a voyeur
Living in a tin can

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Symphony at Dusk

I watched the birds
Flying about
The grey sky
A current of feathers
Scattered groups
Dive and rise
Joining into one
A singular being
Music in motion
A symphony at dusk

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Bottom of the Sea

A journey, a quest
This depth feeds my fear
Drowning, gasping
The end is so near
A moment, an instant
All that it takes
A crack, a broken seal
The smallest mistake

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Birds and Rats

Take to the skies, boys
Escape your troubles
Leave the world below
See the insignificant people
Their tiny little lives
Meaningless unto us
The scurry about like rats
While we soar above like birds
And when it suits us
We will plummet
Our talons spread
And snatch them away

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Full of Disappointment

How is one to be happy
When they can’t afford to live
Pile garbage on your plate
It’s cheaper than “eating right”
Ignore you children
Someone else can raise them
And kiss them goodnight
While you break your body
Avoiding debt
Only to lose your home
Life is full of disappointment

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Nothing is Sacred

Three stories up
Curtains drawn
Open window
Sunlight pours in
Bathing the room in yellow
Soaking my skin
I let it cover me
Head to toe
Eyes closed
Warmth throughout
In the street below
A stranger notices
Smiles are exchanged
Nothing is secret
Nothing is sacred

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Flaunt It

Free is the cat
The special lady-friend
And the innocent child
Free are the ones who ignore
Taboos and side-ways glances
Whispers from squares
Free to turn a blind eye
To what the snake has shown us
Flaunt what you have
Embrace who you are
Free to show it all

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