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My Demons

Demons howl
Requesting. No demanding
Escape from my chamber
In the morning
They are kept at bay
By the black steaming brew

A day without
A day of screaming agony
The demons they claw
The walls they yield
If only by a little
Escape is eminent

Shall I make my journey?
Shall I leave them unattended?
I dream of the earthy tones
My will bends in the smell
Gives into demonic demands
I howl for blood

The demons and I seek our prey
Hip haircuts dyed black
Smocks of neutral tones
Young, so very young
The demons and I
Devour a barista whole


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People Taking Pictures

A picture is worth
One thousand words
Or that is what they say
When really the truth
About pictures is
They are actually worth
The subject matter
And the one behind the camera
After all a good picture
Is one that leaves us speechless

Without words
We contemplate the emotion
Where was this taken?
Who or what is this?

This is beautiful
This moves me
Thank you photographer
For sharing your world
You are worth
One thousand words

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Convenience is a Mold

Funny how
Convenience grows
On you like a mold
It covers you
Keeps you warm
But mostly fuzzy
Then your mold
Loses its coverage
Irritation sets in
Talking to others
A rash on the psyche

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Stop Light

Green, Yellow, Red
Line up and wait
This line doesn’t suit him
He chooses the next one over

Blue nearly meets white
Tires bark, red eyes flare
Blue continues without notice
Horn blasts cut the air
Patient others now aware

White flies forward
Intent on making blue notice
Surely white is now visible
As rear view unviels blue’s error
Again blasts in rapid successon

As we wait in our lines
We see and hear the anger
White rears its ugly head
Now its ugly rear passes
Branded by a fish

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A father who loves
But cannot provide for all
Weeps softly at night

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I don’t want to live
Up to expectations
Set aside by anyone
Except myself
Accept myself
My actions, my condition
My expectations
I don’t want to live


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A shell
A void
A space
Where I once lived
A hope
A dream
A plan
To live a good life
A child
A boy
A man
Of flesh but nothing more
A pill
A needle
A pain
Looming over me always

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