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At Sea

Tell me, love
Upon the wind
When I am lost at sea
Which direction
I should sail
To feel less crazy
Touch me, dear
As I sleep
Help my heart to heal
Whisper to me
In my dreams
And tell me you are real
Take me, babe
Into your arms
When I am on your shore
Give everything
That I have missed
All of that and more


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Jack and the Beanstalk

While he slept the beanstalk grew
Reaching deep into the night
Snagging clouds full of dreams
Stringing them like a kite’s tail
A wonderland beyond the sky
Treasures of every kind to have
And in the morning when he woke
The giant had yet to be slain


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A Smile

A smile given to a stranger
Pleased with each other
Without a name or an age
No history to speak of
Nothing but a smile

And yet…
That smile is an elixir
A cure-all for what ails you
A sail to send you home
And tuck you in at night


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Let me sing you a song with my fingers
A lullaby to whisk you to sleep
Arpeggios to tease you
Crescendos release you
Dreamland upon you will creep

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Sweet Dreams

In your travels through slumberland
I hope that we meet
Like strangers in wanting
We walk down the street
Our eyes draw us in
We touch at the lips
Followed closely thereafter
By our bodies and hips

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Lesson Plan

Teacher, teacher what’s the rule?
I saw you with the kids from school
You undressed me with your eyes.

I know was not the place or time
But I can’t get you off my mind
Red hair to drive me wild

We’re both grown, it’s plain to see
A thing or two you’ll learn from me
I dreamt about your skin

So let me take you to my bed
Or lay you on your desk instead
And share with you the lesson

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Mole HIlls

The hill has dreams
Of being a mountain
Though it forgets
It was one before
A long time ago
It stood tall and proud
Casting shadows
And changing weather
A challenge to most
An adventure to all
Now soft and round
Nothing but tiring
A place for moles
To dig around

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