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The sun sunk and rose again
With an eternity of night
Sandwiched in between
While a sea of sunlight
Crashed upon a crisp white shore
Exposing buried treasure

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Buried Treasure

Foolish was the pirate
Who buried his treasure
Where no one could see
Even himself
Wise was the king
That kept his treasure near
Admiring his riches
Every day

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Buried Treasure

Someone stole the moon
From its place among the stars
The world finally took pause
When the tide stopped leaving scars
And the sea kept all its treasures
Buried deep within


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Is it that I am an old soul
Requiring specific care
Less I become tarnished
Or my delicate parts
Should break
And that maintenance
Must be paired
With a history
Written on dusty scrolls
Sealed away
Only to be recovered
By the most steadfast
And adventurous


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Play Things

She plays with him
Like a yo-yo
Letting him go
Then pulling him back
It’s the tug at the bottom
That hurts the most
Not the drop
And yet it’s automatic
After awhile
It seems to happen
On its own
She has little control
Someone new
Sees not a toy
But a treasure
One that ought not
To be dropped
When the new hand
Held him
His eyes were opened

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Jack and the Beanstalk

While he slept the beanstalk grew
Reaching deep into the night
Snagging clouds full of dreams
Stringing them like a kite’s tail
A wonderland beyond the sky
Treasures of every kind to have
And in the morning when he woke
The giant had yet to be slain


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Rope Bridge

Fuck this bridge that spans the chasm
With it’s ancient rope and weathered planks
I can clearly see you on the other side
Or working up the courage
I cannot cross to your side
As THIS is where the treasure lies
I dare not gesture for you to come
For fear it will be mistook
Across the great distance
As a caution and not a beckon
And this frail structure
It will not hold us both
Or I’d gladly meet you half way
I pray for you to find the courage
To make the journey
And fall into my arms

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