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The Black Number

The black went on forever
Time and space forgotten
An eternity that began
Where my hands and fingers
Touched the fabric
Hugging her curves

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Their hands clasped tight
Over lofty ledge
Her feet dancing in the air
Their eyes met and they both knew
He would let her go
Not because his grip would fail
But so that he might be the one
To catch her at the bottom


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A shepherd, a healer, a savior
Or just an ordinary man
Standing in the light
His hands held out before him
Bathed in the blood of a saint

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Snakes and Puzzles

Like teenagers drunk on lust
My hands snaked up her blouse
And into the cups of her bra
Seeking out her warm flesh
While she tried her very best
To decode the puzzle
Of my belt and button

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Regret Washed Away

“I always regretted not kissing the guys that I liked.”

He waited patiently for the back story, which she delivered.

When she finished he placed a strong hand along either side of her face, looking into her eyes.

“Let me not be the one that you regret.”

With that he washed away the sentence with a long and gentle kiss that built itself up like a wave crashing into the shore.


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Like a glacier in reverse
His hands run up her legs
Slowly making their way
Eons between tip and origin
Ridges of his fingerprints
Creating an uphill flow
Clinging to the edge
Her chair a mighty precipice
He’s melting her body
An unndeniable global warming
Then the cataclysmic splash
As she falls to the sea

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I am an Artist

I am an artist
My hands are my tool
And through them
My passion
Is explored and expressed
From a crude block of marble
A goddess is born
Lifeless lumps of clay
Are massaged with my fingers
Becoming vessels
Filled with secrets and dreams
Blank canvasses awaken
Bursting with vibrant color
My deft brush a transport
To worlds unknown
Delicate paper
Begging to receive
A Wetness
Under my command
I am an artist

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