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The Black Number

The black went on forever
Time and space forgotten
An eternity that began
Where my hands and fingers
Touched the fabric
Hugging her curves

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Straight edges and jagged interlocking pieces
A picture scattered in calm chaos before her
In time some of them would come together
Though she hopes it’s never completed

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“Always” never happens
But I mean it all the same
Each and every time
Sometimes it’s lost
When things come up
“Always” is forgotten
And it’s those times
When actions
And promises
Don’t align
That I despise
Because I never
Want you to forget
That I said “always”
And I meant it
Despite ANY

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If I said that I loved you
Would you hold it against me?
If I said I was leaving
Would you say that you’ll miss me?
If you thought it was forever
Would you then dare to kiss me?


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