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Champion of the Moon

Scarlet cloak matching the sky
He marched with blade in hand
Joining ranks among the stars
To conquer the realm of night

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Keep You Warm

Fire, fire burning bright
Will keep you warm
Throughout the night
And when the pale moon has set
New wood the red hot embers get

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Spice Trade

A ship in the night
Carrying cases of spice
Came into port
When fair winds blew
Filling its white sails

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Lighting a Candle

A hard match strikes
Burning bright
Only for a moment

Though long enough

Lending its flame
To waiting candle
Melting it down

A puddle remains

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My dear friends,

I must apologize to you. Perhaps you did not notice my absence, but I have been away for a time. I’ve been sulking and loathing. I’ve been denying myself and keeping myself from you.

Part of it I think is normal, at least for my kind. I’m an artist and I think it is natural for artists to be tortured and conflicted – it is through those struggles that we discover who we are, even just a little bit at a time. As we make those discoveries we often share those experiences with others. We announce “this is what I learned about my world/myself.” Sometimes those discoveries are kept to ourselves and are used in others journeys.

I’ve not been sharing any of my discoveries with you or myself. I’ve been denying myself the opportunity to discover. It’s been my choice to be mentally stagnant. Sure there have been moments of inspiration and a part of me said “oh! That’s good!” but then a loathing and spiteful voice inside my head (heart?) shut it down. I told myself that I didn’t deserve such things. Such inspirations. Such discoveries. THIS is who I am, nothing else. Just bone and flesh.

What I had forgotten was that in telling myself that I didn’t deserve these things I was also saying that you didn’t deserve it, and that I know to be wrong. You deserve every bit of me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Only by having all of me will you know who I am. Same is to be said about myself. Only by accepting the good, the bad, and the ugly of myself can I know who I am.

I am NOT just flesh and bone. I am many things. I am an artist, a beatnik, a beer snob, a coffee whore, a derrière obsessor, a ginger admirer,a lover, a pervert, a tea drinker, and much more. I am everything and I am nothing. I am the wild. I am waiting to be discovered, conquered, cultivated, and burned by fire only to rise again from the ashes.

That poison inside my head needs an antidote so that I might continue my journey and that you might continue to share in my discoveries. I don’t really know what the antidote is or where to find it but I need to be willing to take it when it’s ready. I understand that.

I’m hoping that the antidote can be found through counseling. I’ve started going this past week and the first sip has made a noticeable difference. I hope you will continue to share me and share yourself. There’s so much to discover and we’ve such little time to do it. Let us go together into the wild.


Beatnik du Jour


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Be Mine

Be My
Be My
I’ll give you the world
If you say you’ll be mine
I’ll love you and feed you
And kiss you goodnight
At time when you’re sad
I will hold you so tight
When you are down
I will give you a smile
Each fleeting moment
I’ll make worth your while
Complements I will give
On each daily fashion
And when you are horny
I’ll give you my passion
There won’t be a lot
That I’ll ask you to do
Just say that you love me
And show me it too.


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Through his stomach
She found a way
Though never was she
Now in the halls
Of his growing mind
She’s lurking
Like a labyrinth
Lost in his thoughts
She stumbles through
The puzzle
Briefly found
In warm embrace
In neck and shoulder
Will she ever
Finally free
The heart’s wild
And longing beast
With mighty roar
He takes her down
Great passion now


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