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Their hands clasped tight
Over lofty ledge
Her feet dancing in the air
Their eyes met and they both knew
He would let her go
Not because his grip would fail
But so that he might be the one
To catch her at the bottom


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The way the fog lays upon the land
Like a silent, soft blanket
Or a warm caress
Matching my rise and fall
Touching every valley
Kissing every peak
You send me off to sleep

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Spring and autumn
Lend your beauty
Share your vibrant love
Summer toils
For far too long
While winter craves
Your touch

Summer’s days
Will heat things up
A fire burning red
Winter’s nights
Will keep you home
To cuddle up
In bed

To feel complete
Each season needs
The one in front and back
And the seasons’ opposite
Gives to them all
Something the other

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Green changes to red
Summer melts into autumn
Soon to be naked

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