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Standing in the ruin of the cathedral
A wayward boy stood where he once felt small
Among the towering walls and beautiful glass
A world far bigger than he, but a world he knew well
But today, piles of stone and bits of chared timber
Left him feeling lost, in a sea of destruction
A broken child amidst broken dreams and broken lives
While a tired and tattered nun scolded him
Chiding the boy for not behaving as he should
In this sacred place she still called home

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Spider Webs

Our heart is a spider’s web
Spanning the distance
The gap between the surfaces
That keep us standing.

Trapped in our web
Are things that sustain
Or bits of leaf or twig –
Those that tease

Sometimes the web falls
Cast into the wind
So we climb those surfaces
And begin again


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Dangerous Curves

There were no signs to warn us
It happened all too fast
We lost our grip and control
Our dreams like broken glass


She broke our minds
And broke our hearts
Broke our concentration
With hips that moved like that


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Clinging to the wall
Without a word he blooms
Passersby don’t see the beauty
Like a snake he crawls along
Feeling his way into cracks
Grabbing hold anywhere he can
On his slow ascent
Never shall he reach the top
Not this season
Perhaps he could lead the way
Others could cling to him
Crawl over and beyond
Leaving his hard body behind
Rigid and ready to snap
Any moment
A great gust
Or too much pressure
Two pieces
Those above him won’t notice
The one they used has fallen
Soon they will bloom
Like him, unnoticed

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Living on the Edge

Living here, barely living
Chasing, running
Trying to stay ahead
Money is biting my leg
Barking from pocket
Snarling to let it out
Wondering about next week
Will it be easier
Or will it be the one to break me
Fragile, so fragile
Patched up and mended
Never quite repaired
Always there are cracks
Screaming their warning
The edges will cut you
If you aren’t as careful as me
I have adapted
I know where the breaks are
Avoiding the danger
My life seems so boring

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