The Beautiful-Liebster-Gutter-Awesome Blog Content Award

12 Mar


The Beautiful-Liebster-Gutter-Awesome Blog Content Award

Yesterday I was nominated by the lovely G from FilledAndFooled for this combination award that I am graciously accepting here in this post. Receiving compliments is a difficult thing for me. Often times I don’t feel like I am deserving – I either did nothing special (in my mind) to to warrant such a response or I feel I am simply not deserving based on my self-applied “bad qualities” – there are just too many of them to be deserving of anything good. This is all just shit I do to myself, that I seriously need to stop doing. I’m working on it.

Thank you so much, G for your stories and comments and especially the sweet words in nominating me:

“His soft and sultry poetry and stories always make me smile. He is a true artist at
painting the scene and carefully extracting details that make me feel present in his moment.
I love erotic writing that makes me feel more than horny, his metaphors make me think.”

Most of the time when you receive an award in the blog realm you are asked to pass on/pay it forward. The idea here is to introduce your audience to other blogs that you think are equally deserving. I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet reading blogs, but the few that I do read are great and I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do. Here are a few deserving people that I would like to divide my combined award among:

Secret Thots – I’ve only recently discovered her (or maybe she discovered me?) but so far I’ve been really entertained. She is new to the whole blog thing and is testing the waters with her thoughts and images she finds sexy, titillating erotic, etc. I am really enjoying watching her develop and grow as a blogger. I’d like to nominate her for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I really dig her style and I think you will too.

Green Eyed Geisha – I’ve bumped in to her across several other blogs but for some reason didn’t start following her until recently. I don’t know what took me so long – she has some really great thoughts/musings, the best often starting with “Loving Men: it’s easy when…” which is really the namesake of her blog. Don’t be mislead by the name of her blog, she doesn’t put men on a pedestal, she is just honest about the good things that we do. Men really need to know those things from time to time. I would like to nominate her for the Awesome Blog Content Award. Oh, yeah she also has pinups!

Hyacinth – The title and subtitle definition of this sexy young woman’s blog pretty much lets you know right up front what you’re getting yourself into: “A Dissolute Life Means… indifferent to moral restraints; given to immoral or improper conduct; licentious; dissipated :: Synonyms: corrupt, loose, debauched, wanton, abandoned.” Basically if you like to have sexy fun, this is the place for you. Hy is brave, bold and sexy – the kind of girl you take with you on every adventure and a worthy nomination for the Fabulous Gutter Blogger Award.

Plumptious Pea – From what I understand the Liebster Blog Award should be given to bloggers that have far less followers than they deserve. Pea is the perfect fit. She is sexy, fun, creative, and every time I see a post by her in my wordpress reader I can’t help but smile. Visiting her blog to me feels like sunbathing – the sun on your naked skin is so perfectly warm and inviting that you can’t help but feel happy.

Now on to the fun* ranting about myself as part of accepting of the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award:

Apple Bottoms – I absolutely adore perfectly round, full, plump butts on girls. Some people might see this term as slightly degrading, but what it boils down to for me is that I will literally bite your ass because it is so damn perfect.
Beer Snob – I’m a complete snob when it comes to beer. I only drink micro brews and even those are subject to my upturned nose. It must be produced by a smaller company, not a off-shoot of a giant beer pumping machine.
Crohn’s Disease – I was diagnosed with this disease twenty-four years ago. I still am quite healthy though I do have my road bumps. Lots of people have recently been diagnosed with other illnesses with similar ailments, so I thought this would be important to mention. You’re not alone!
Dudeism – Though I don’t walk the path as often as I’d like as of late, I am a practicing and ordained Dudeist Priest. It sounds silly at first, but the main focus of this religion is to “just take it easy, man.”
Eccentric – I don’t know if it is my own perception of myself or if it is actually true, but I think I am a bit on the eccentric side. I am a bit odd.
Food – I love to eat but I really don’t put on any weight, possibly due to my illness. As my friend once put it, America hates me.
Greens – I love vegetables, especially salads. I’m not a health nut or a vegetarian, I just like the taste. Is that weird?
Hiccups – Almost every time I take the first sip of a soda pop, I hiccup. Not important, but kinda fun.
Icicles – When I see a nice fat icicle hanging from the roof edge I sometimes have very naughty thoughts.
Jesse – This is my first name and I’m not telling you the rest unless I am whispering it in your ear.
Killing – I often joke about killing myself or someone else, but it really is only a joke. I’m not stupid or violent. And I know it really isn’t funny, but I’m eccentric…
Love – I don’t know if I am ready to talk about this one, because it is such a strong word.
Men – I am not turned off by men. This is not to say that I am turned on by them but they don’t turn me off either. I think I float somewhere between straight and bi. C’mon, I’m a beatnik, man. Free love, right?
Naked – I really enjoy being naked. I almost wanted to say “exhibitionist” for E up above, but part of being an exhibitionist is having an willing audience. If you’re a man, that is difficult to find. So for now, just know that I love to be naked.
Orgasms – It is far better to give than to receive. I love giving someone that much pleasure and satisfaction.
Penguins – I thought about talking about my penis here but maybe that is too forward of me. Feel free to ask, but I won’t slap you across the face with it without you asking first. So penguins it is! I love those little guys. I have lots of children’s books and stuffed animals that I’ve collected over the years…
Queer-friendly – I have several gay friends and am not ashamed or scared to hug them and support them in their endeavors. I am more than happy to discuss your sex life too if that’s what you want to do. Love is love.
Rock Climbing – I love to rock climb and even “coached” it at a summer camp in Michigan. I wish I had more time and more money to participate in this activity.
Sex – I really enjoy sex. I don’t think I am a sexaholic, but I probably would be if I had the time for it. Having two small children sort of limits your chances.
Tattoos – I like tattoos but I don’t have any. I’ve just never seen the point. I used to draw them for my friends when I was younger. I think as a mid-life crisis event I should get one.
Underwear – I’ve tried on lady’s underwear on a couple occasions. This was many, many years ago and I am not a cross dresser by any means. You girls get all the fun fabrics though, HA!
Voyeur – I love to watch. I wish I could do more of it, but people don’t volunteer for that sort of thing and it is often thought of as pervy and lock you up in jail as a result. Bummer. So…. any volunteers?
Water – I’m a water sign and love to hang out around, on and in the water. Rivers, lakes, oceans, beaches. It’s all good.
X-rated – I really dig porn. I started early and never gave up on it. I want to film my own porn, but haven’t really had the right time or place to do it.
Yucatán Peninsula – I’ve been to the nude beaches and desperately want to go back… I wish I had the time and money.
baZinga – I’m a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and sadly get all of the jokes. I’m a nerd and would sadly fit right in with those guys… I’m not a genius and I don’t have a doctorate, but all that awkward nerdy shit… that’s me.

*Fun was used very loosely as I don’t really like talking about myself. I’d rather hear about you!

Thank you all for reading my blog, especially those who comment. I appreciate your support and encouragement. I hope to entertain you for many more years to come.


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4 responses to “The Beautiful-Liebster-Gutter-Awesome Blog Content Award

  1. Hyacinth

    March 12, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Well, thank you very much! Does this mean we call you Jesse now instead of Beatnik?

    • Beatnik du Jour

      March 12, 2013 at 8:41 am

      Absolutely… I can also whisper in your ear the rest of it, but it isn’t Rumpelstiltskin so don’t try to cheat and get away from feeling my hot breath… :p

  2. Plumptious Pea's Pod

    March 13, 2013 at 6:49 am


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